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Sanzo uses real fruit and zero added sugar to create Asian-inspired sparkling water.


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a month ago

The lychee flavor is INCREDIBLE. Downside is that these are more expensive but we love buying these as a treat. Nothing compares.

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5 months ago

I love Sanzo! The flavors are accurate and way more robust than a flavored seltzer like La Croix. I like that they have real fruit in them. They're a fantastic alternative to soda, *and* they look great and work well as mixers.

a month ago

I just recently discovered these at whole foods, and the ginger yuzu is my absolute favorite! It is so addicting, and such a good treat!

a month ago

Love the Ginger Flavor, Lyche and Yazu Flavor. Love how “not sweet” it and the flavor is just right. Definitely purchase at least once a week.

a month ago

Tried the lychee flavor at an event, and it was good! Not too strong/sweet where it tastes like you're drinking something super artificial. If I'm out somewhere and see this as a drink option, I'll get it! But I probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy this while getting regular groceries.

5 months ago

These are so good and flavorful considering how low-calorie they are. The calamansi is a unique flavor!

3 months ago

I highly enjoyed this lychee flavored sparkling water. I suppose I use flavor in more loose terms as it was less of a flavor and more like an actual juice in addition to this crisp sparkling water. I thought it was very refreshing and the packaging is eye catching on the shelf. Always a huge plus when you’re a beverage girly who likes to not only enjoy what you’re drinking but, feel extra cute when coupled with a handsomely labeled beverage. The only negative I found was that my can had little tiny bits of what I assume to be lychee? Honestly still don’t know what it was and it was a little jarring at first as my friend had her own Sanzo in the same flavor and her bev was totally clear. I got over it quickly because the flavor was addicting. Other than that, sign me up for a Sanzo!

4 months ago

Received a free product from Sanzo

I expected a stronger flavor from the mango, but it was vary faint.