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Quip sells mouth care products designed by dentists and designers including electric toothbrushes and refillable flosses.

quip Reviews

quip reviews


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Reviews mention

  • Sleek innovative design
  • Convenient subscription model
  • Great aesthetic appeal
  • High product portability
  • Inferior cleaning power
  • Product durability issues
  • Difficult battery replacement
  • Problems with brush heads

Quip is a brand that offers sleek, innovatively designed oral care products with convenient subscriptions. It's appreciated for its simplicity, convenience, great aesthetic, and portability. However, the brand has been critiqued for its lack of cleaning power, durability issues, and difficulties in changing batteries and brush heads.

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1,254 reviews

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15 days ago

I really like my toothbrush, but I do not think it's as powerful as other electric toothbrushes I've used. We also use the mirror/wall hanger accessory, but I wish there was an easy way to clean it out. Floss and toothpaste are fine! No complaints!

Quip ToothbrushToothpasteFloss

3 days ago

Dentist told me to stop using it, too abrasive. Broke frequently. Replacement was offered after contacting quip w pictures and description of what was broken.

Quip Toothbrush

8 days ago

I love my toothbrush! the timer is a game changer, I definitely was not brushing my teeth for a while two minutes before but I have noticed such a difference. it's so nice to not have to worry about when to change my battery or toothbrush, I just get a new one in the mail!

Quip Toothbrush

19 days ago

Did the job, we bought these for all of us after forgetting a bag while traveling and they worked great!

Quip Toothbrush

4 days ago

Influencer for quip

The quip toothbrush is sleek and stylish! I like that dentists design it!


25 days ago

The connection between the battery base and the brush is weak and over time bends and eventually breaks due to the brushing motion. Only lasts a few months, poor design.

toothbrushQuip Toothbrush

20 days ago

I love the idea of quip's products. I have purchased their reusable floss picks and electric toothbrushes and both missed the mark for me. The floss pick constantly lost the grip on the floss and was hard to rethread. I switched back to regular picks and floss with a week of my purchase. I bought the electric toothbrush as a more travel friendly version of my Sonicare to take with me on vacation. I found the electric component to be too weak but the bristles too hard to brush with normally, causing my gums to be irritated. Great concept, but lacking in experience for me.


24 days ago

I love these! They definitely give you a deep clean and are inexpensive.

Quip Toothbrush