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4 months ago

Friend of ours had the previous generation Nuna Mixx and loved it so much it convinced us to purchase the Mixx Next and Pipa car seat for our not-yet-arrived child (we'll update more as we use the products) What we love about the stroller, the wheels are large enough to go over gravel/dirt paths we regularly walk our dog on and the suspension is great. We also love that the seat can be reclined to a true lie-flat to emulate a bassinet, meaning we don't need another attachment. The Pipa car seat is easy to install, and it's great it doesn't need a base to be used. The extendable sun cover was a nice touch as well - seemed safer than draping a swaddle/blanket over the whole carseat. The materials feel luxurious and durable, the leathers around the handles of the stroller and car seat is a nice touch of lux as well.

2 months ago

We have the Numa Pipa Lite car seat and base and really like it. Have t had any issues

4 months ago

We love our Nuna car seat, stroller and bassinet attachment for the stroller! Our two year old son still enjoys walks in the stroller. I don’t think the version we got of the stroller can convert for two babies but need to look into that. Car seat for infant was easy and lightweight - and extremely easy to install and get in and out!

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6 months ago

The nuna pipa car seat was used for both of our children. The base is easy to install and the carrier is easy to mount and unlock. It's a must have.

4 months ago

We have Nuna pram and carseat. Great design, easy to use, would buy again. Would like to see more environmental creds from the brand, and perhaps borrowing / buying second hand scheme through the main website! Still given 5*, as products are great. ^ is more just a comment on baby markets & products in general!

a month ago

Loved our Nuna Pipa for our babe. Some favorite features - the dream drape, ability to install without the base, fabric quality and feel, seat weight, and no rethread harness. Cons: Install directions could be a bit clearer. I also felt that the seat quickly became a bit narrow for our very average sized baby. The two handed stroller install isn't the easiest, but is comparable to most other brands. On one occasion, the seat was moving more than it should when driving. I'm unsure how or why, as the seat had been installed for months and was verified by a government official. That being said, chalking up to user error because of my standing experience with Nuna. Recommend reaching out to customer service if anything is unclear to make sure baby is as safe as can be!

Nuna Pipa

a month ago

Nuna should be ashamed of themselves. We purchased the nuna mixx, which we love love. They created the car seat with a removable strap which we removed the strap to wash the car seat. As most moms and dads can relate to out there, things get a little crazy around the household and the kids somehow misplaced the strap. We have tried contacting Nuna multiple times and they are telling us that we have to purchase the entire car seat new again and that they don’t sell the strap individually! Hundreds of dollars I have to spend because they make the car seat with a removable strap that apparently you cannot purchase a replacement for. That is some very shady business practices and I am very ashamed that I gave this company my money.

7 months ago

Our Nuna stroller and car seat are a major win after becoming parents 2 months ago! I had a c section and could still lift the car seat with no issues whatsoever.

8 months ago

We have the nuna mixx stroller along with the pipa light RX car seat. The car seat is the lightest weight on the market (or it was a few months ago). They are both lightweight and click and so easily. These are very expensive products, but this is one thing I would say it’s definitely worth the money.

8 months ago

I’ve been researching the best car seat for my baby and every time, Nuna comes out on top. From the safety ratings to ease of use to the quality of materials - it’s a 10/10!