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Houseplant distributes design-forward cannabis lifestyle & homewares made for the modern-day consumer.

Houseplant Reviews

Houseplant reviews


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7 reviews

6 months ago

The papers/filters are my go-to. And the matches are so nice to have around my apt. I have the ash tray/vase combo ...functional and beautiful decor! Hoping for a gloopy one in my future <3

a year ago

Finally got my hands on a standing ash tray from Houseplant which is an every day staple in our home. Super high quality build, durable and sturdy for when my clumsy self almost knocks it over, and just a really pretty piece in my living room. Love me a functional decoration moment

a year ago

i love every house plant item i own and their philosophy as a brand



2 years ago

Received an ashtray/vase set as a gift and it is gorgeous!! Such high quality (has lasted through several small accidental drops) and just looks awesome.

a year ago

After following Seth for years and drooling over his handmade ashtray collection, it was a dream to learn he was starting a company. The entire Houseplant lineup is *chefs kiss* but the craftsmanship on the ashtray set is unprecedented. The shipping box and container itself makes you feel as though you’re inviting a new member into your home. Both the ashtray and matching vase get a ton of use in my home, but even if you’re not a stoner, your palo Santo could use a nice vessel. You won’t regret getting a Houseplant ashtray!

a year ago

The coolest of the cool in the world of cannabis!