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Evereden makes a line of skincare products for all ages.


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4 months ago

I purchased this for my grandchildren, I love love love everything about this product! Clean, healthy, EWG certified! LETS GO!!!!!

5 months ago

We’ve been using the Evereden foaming shampoo since our little one was born, and the products have been hit or miss for us. I’ve liked the botanical mineral sunscreen for myself — the scent isn’t super sunscreen-y, but it’s not quite holy grail status. The nourishing baby face cream broke our little one out although we think it was a specific ingredient as we’ve experienced it with other brands too. The soothing baby lotion and healing eczema cream work fine, but we reach for our drugstore brands more often. We haven’t run into issues with the packaging although do recall the foaming shampoo bottle was redesigned at some point. The products we still re-buy are the foaming baby shampoo, mineral sunscreen, and diaper rash cream — not necessarily because we love them but because we haven’t run into any issues using them far. After a few bad skin reactions, we tend to stick with what we know works now. 😅

8 months ago

Definitely a total let down. I purchased the bundle that comes with baby face moisturizer, lotion, and body shampoo/wash. The moisturizer comes in a pump plastic jar that is super hygienic and great until you’re halfway through and the pump doesn’t get anything out anymore and you feel like now you have half remaining just being wasted…. And then the body lotion , when I pushed down on the pump it literally broke off too. So now that doesn’t work either and I’m having to unscrew everytime just to get the lotion. And with that much work it’s just not worth it. The shampoo/wash also even though it’s for sensitive and tear free, it definitely would make my son cry and he’d scream saying “eyes eyes!” And he didn’t do that with our other body wash shampoos. So this was just a total miss for me and I’m so disappointed for the amount of money I spent for it to be this flop. I also reached out to customer service and unfortunately they just don’t care because it’s been 2 weeks and they have not sent me any response. This was an awful experience and I don’t think I’ll be buying from them again.


Awful packaging for the high price and then no customer service response. It’s sad.