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Dr Jart+ sells a range of skincare products inspired by Korean beauty techniques.

Dr.Jart+ Reviews

Dr.Jart+ reviews


90% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Evens skin tone effectively
  • Highly hydrating facial masks
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Innovative product design
  • High essential oils content
  • Not suitable for all skin types
  • Perceived as overpriced
  • Potential clogging of pores

Dr.Jart+ is a brand highly praised for its effective products, especially the Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment which is a favourite due to its ability to cover redness and even skin tone. The brand's masks are also loved for their hydrating properties. However, concerns were raised about the high amount of essential oils in some products which may not be suitable for sensitive skin. Also, some customers found the products to be overpriced with cheaper alternatives available.

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190 reviews

3 months ago

The “shake shot” face masks (pictured) are my absolute favorite! They are a very unique product with innovative packaging and cool design, also a great gift! One is enough for two people!!!

4 months ago

The first thing that caught my attention was the luxurious texture of the cream. It's rich and velvety, yet surprisingly lightweight. Upon application, it effortlessly glides onto the skin, leaving behind a subtle, non-greasy finish. This makes it perfect for both morning and evening use. I noticed a significant improvement in my skin's overall hydration and texture after just a few days of consistent use. My skin felt plump, supple, and super nourished. The fragrance-free formula is another plus for those with sensitive skin or those who prefer skincare without added scents. While the price point is slightly higher than some other brands alternatives, the results justify the investment. A little goes a long way with this cream, and the generous jar ensures it lasts for an extended period. This cream is a true skin saver, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their skincare routine.

5 months ago

My face gets red so easily and I thought the tiger grass cream would solve all of my issues, but it dried my skin out and got really flakey? Might just be a me issue. I do love their sheet masks though, very affordable and have had great results.

6 months ago

In general I find this brand hit or miss. I tried a vitamin C eye cream that really irritated under my eyes and left bumps, and a serum that beaded off my skin under makeup. I really like some of their acne products, however you can get similar formulations from other brands for a lot less.

3 months ago

These products break me out and clogged my pores

3 months ago

Cicaplast cream is 10/10!! Especially if you have rosasea or keratosis pilaris!!!

5 months ago

I've tried a variety of Dr. Jart+ products. Fan of the sheets masks. I've been using the Tiger Grass color correcting treatment with SPF for the past 8 months and it's such a unique product. It does help some with reducing redness, but it's a bit hard to blend. I've found that it's crucial to let the treatment fully absorb before applying make up on top, or it will pill - it takes a long time to fully absorb though, far longer than a typical moisturizer in my opinion, so any time I use it, it really slows down my full routine flow. I've also used the Ceramidin serum toner and moisturizer in the past, specifically back when I had to walk a couple miles to and from my college campus during harsh midwest winters. Incredibly moisturizing, but because my skin hates shea butter, I had to discontinue use of the moisturizer. I gave the products to a friend with less acne-prone skin and the Ceramidin combo has been her HG for almost a decade since then!

5 months ago

Just used the Soothing Hydra Solution and it lives up to its name. Pretty standard for the sheet mask but the results are amazing! My face is so smooth and moisturized. I even used the excess serum for my hands, forearms, and feet.

5 months ago

One of my all time absolute favorite brands. I have tried, tested, and retested almost every product in this line. Having incredibly sensitive skin that reacts poorly to most skincare brands, Dr Jart+ is just all around superb for sensitive skin. I cannot recommend this brand enough to anyone with sensitive skin and more so to anyone who doesn’t have sensitive skin.

6 months ago

The ceramidin cream was okay for me. Personally, I just didn't like the texture and smell of it and it didn't work for my skin.

6 months ago

Whenever my skin barrier needs attention Dr. jar is the first brand on my list of products to help with my skin. I love their calming ingredients, their formulation is truly superior. I love their Cicapair line, and their Ceramidin moisturizer is it is honestly the only thing that moisturizes my skin in the winter and doesn’t leave me feeling like there’s a heavy coat to my skin. I also have acne prone skin and I find that their products really work well on my acne.

6 months ago

The Ceramidin cream is not very hydrating and it isn’t suitable for acne prone skin. It clogged my pores even with dry skin.

7 months ago

The tiger grass calming mask is a must own for face mask enthusiasts. Highest possible recommendation.

9 months ago

Love Dr Jart sheet masks (esp. Clearing Solution) and also their Cicapair products.

10 months ago

Dr Jart is one of the few lines that works for my sensitive skin. One of my favorite products is their rubber face masks. My skin feels so incredibly moisturized after using them. I love to give them as gifts & stock up during the Sephora sales.

2 years ago

I was given a sample of the Cicapair Tiger Grass serum and fell in love. It does wonders on my overly reactive skin and I use it so often! It's perfect post-wax to reduce redness or just any other general redness you have.