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Dr Jart+ sells a range of skincare products inspired by Korean beauty techniques.


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a month ago

The tiger grass calming mask is a must own for face mask enthusiasts. Highest possible recommendation.

Tigers GrassCicapairfacemask

13 days ago

The tiger grass correcting treatment separated after a month. I didn’t love the product. Better alternatives out there

Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

25 days ago

Great stuff - love the calming tigergrass products and the hydrating rubber mask especially.

Tigers GrassTiger Grass Color Correcting TreatmentCicapairCeramidinfacemask

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2 days ago

I'm a big fan of their masks – I usually can't tell if a mask is doing anything but they really are very hydrating. You can often find them on sale in various places so I usually stock up when I see the price drop. The Tiger grass Color Correcting Treatment is great for days where my skin is a little red (e.g. super cold days). I can noticeably tell that it is cancelling some of the red.

Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatmentfacemask

19 days ago

I can't help but feel like theyre overpriced, but when I use their stuff on sale, theyre great! Theyre well formulated and rarely irritating. The Brightening face mask is one of the most effective sheet masks ive used.

Tigers GrassCeramidinfacemask

10 days ago

There products are very effective and use ingredients that are not as common in the US skincare market. However, you can find better and/or cheaper alternatives to all their products if you buy Korean Skincare through like Etudeyoung

Tiger Grass Color Correcting TreatmentCicapairCeramidinfacemask

10 days ago

Dr. Jart is great, but unnecessarily expensive. Anything they make can be pretty closely duped by a cheaper alternative that's equally as effective, at least for me. I do love their packaging though, it's so fun, especially the masks!

9 days ago

I only tried a smaller sample of the sort of color correcting with built in spf - I think it was cicapair. I really liked the texture, consistency, and results. It goes on sort of creamy green and then blends in really nicely. I do have other brands that I trust more, but would still recommend to someone who wants to try something new


24 days ago

I've been using Dr. Jart+ for about 8 years. I first discovered the brand in Hong Kong, and loved their products instantly. My favorite products include; their sunscreen and any of their face masks. You can never go wrong with any of their products, so don't be scared to explore what they have to offer!


10 days ago

My daughter bought me the half-ounce jar of this product, and it is life-changing. I have suffered with red cheeks all of my life, to the point where people would ask me if I have a fever or am I not feeling well. It is inherited, as all of my father's side of the family also have these Irish ruddy cheeks. Makeup sometimes covers it, especially if if is a full-coverage makeup, but sometimes I don't want to wear makeup. When I first tried this mint-green cream, I was very skeptical. It has a medicinal smell, and I was worried about the color-changing properties. My skin is extremely fair, and "light" BB or CC creams are always too orange or too beige for my skintone. This cream is a miracle in a jar. It changes to my exact skin tone. It is matte, so I don't have to put anything else on top of it if I don't want to. It is such a high SPF that my face is the only part of me that doesn't burn when I am on vacation in the Caribbean. I LOVE THIS STUFF - except that the large jar is running at $32 per ounce. (OUCH!) I try to use it sparingly, even though it is recommended to layer it over really red areas. I wish that there was a subscription option to get it at a reduced price, or some sort of loyalty program to provide an incentive for customers to continue buying it. There isn't a competitive product out on the market yet that can do what this cream does.

Tiger Grass Color Correcting TreatmentCicapair