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Dr Jart+ sells a range of skincare products inspired by Korean beauty techniques.



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a month ago

I won’t buy from brands that financially support the genocide & apartheid of Palestinian people. I will no longer buy anything from dr jart since learning this.

a month ago

Dr.Jart has become my ultimate travel essential due to its perfectly sized and impressive product efficiency. Using just a small amount of the products provides remarkable coverage, making them both practical and cost-effective. The smell of the products to me give me refreshing & citrusy delights. The package deal, including cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and color corrector, is a game changer that ensures a seamless skincare routine for me. With sensitive skin, finding the right products has been a challenge, but Dr.Jart's gentle yet effective formula has been a true blessing—no breakouts or irritation. The face sheet masks are my personal favorite, leaving my skin dewy, refreshed, and rejuvenated as if I've had a spa day. Though Dr.Jart can be elusive in stores, I reliably shop from their official website, occasionally finding their masks at places like TJ Maxx and Nordstroms. Anticipating my restock, I can confidently say that Dr.Jart holds a permanent place in my skincare regimen

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a month ago

Received a free product from Dr.Jart+

I had never heard of Dr. Jart before, and I'm a product enthusiast with an entire drawer full of moisturizers that failed to meet my expectations. With my mature (ahem, cough), fair, and dry skin, I decided to give Ceramidin a try based on the recommendations of other reviewers. That's actually why I've chosen to write a review myself. Although I've only been using the lotion for a week, I'm already extremely pleased with the results.

a month ago

The sheet masks are the best on the market and are often on sale. Each one has its own purpose and works great, particularly the hydration and acne clearing ones. Their other products are hit or miss but the masks are the best in the industry.

13 days ago

One of the only products I can consistently rely on that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Their moisturizing toner has been a gentle addition to my routine that doesn't cause any redness and I wear their sunblocks daily. Full coverage that doesn't leave a gross film and is perfect before applying liquid or powder foundation on top of.

a month ago

I have tested several products from this brand. It’s a reliable brand with great products and ingredients. I am always impressed!

a month ago

I've used mostly the tiger grass color corrector as well as a handful of the sheet masks and the micro dart pimple patches. I'm always happy with the effects of the skincare and always recommend it to people. The color corrector specifically is so great for a no-makeup some-coverage look. I have sensitive skin and eczema and this never flares it up and probably actually helps it. -1 because it's dang expensive, but the masks are sometimes at TJ Maxx for $1/mask!

6 days ago

amazinggg brand. as someone with sensitive and combination skin, it can be hard to find effective yet soothing products. i can always count of dr jart to do my skin right. the formulas are effective and amazing!! only downside is that the brand is a bit pricey, but it’s worth all the money!!!