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Catalina Crunch makes a variety of low-carb, keto-friendly snacks featuring plant protein and zero sugar.


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13 days ago

I tried the chocolate version, and it was just so so sweet. I may just be sensitive to the sweetener in it because I know other people who love it!

14 days ago

OK this might not be a popular opinion because I understand some people can taste the stevia aftertaste but I LOVE the cinnamon cereal because of its crunch. My husband and I go through a bag in a day when we have it. I like the high protein, high fiber and recognizable ingredients. Acknowledging the stevia taste but not a deal-breaker for me!

Cinnamon Toast

a month ago

I really wanted to like this because I love cereal but am always interested in healthier options, but I found the taste of this to be really off putting. I could not get past the fake sugar taste of the cereal and ended up throwing it out after just 2 times trying it. Would not repurchase.

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5 months ago

I tried the cinnamon cereal and it tasted like cardboard :( but its vegan with great macros at least

a month ago

I actually love their cinnamon toast cereal so much I end up finishing the bag in one sitting. I think a lot of people are put off by the fake sugar sweetness flavor you taste as you chew it and the accompanying aftertaste, but it's like so odd and bland in a way that I enjoy it so much. Thus, I would only recommend if you're into very particular tastes like that. The downside is that their smaller bags are too expensive, therefore only worth purchasing occasionally or looking for big bag from Costco. Also, although I believe it has good macros, I'm not really a fan of the ingredients compared to other cereal alternatives I've tried.

a month ago

The blueberry is vile. It's so sweet and fake. Boy do i wish I didn't just throw out $50. Barf!

2 months ago

Tried the Catalina crunch Fruity mix Cereal, and I gave it two full spoonfuls, then poured the bowl down the garbage disposal. Horrible Taste, bad aftertaste. Taste nothing like Cereal at all, I'd rather eat grapenuts.

3 months ago

Ordered a case of Lemon cookies. Opened up the bag and it smelled like a chemical factory. Tried a cookie and the taste was terrible!!! I am normally not a "picky" eater, but I didn't think eating these was healthy based on the taste and overwhelming chemical odor. Of course, I reached out to Catalina and they said they do not offer returns. (Amazon shows a 30 Day return policy) IF you are brave enough to put these into your body, DON'T order direct. They obviously don't treat direct customers very well. I was only looking to return the (3) unopened boxes that came in the case of (4). Zero Stars!!!

2 months ago

Its tolerable but... pretty tough chewing experience and it does have an aftertaste of stevia. I'd compare the taste to if you dehydrated a Muscle Milk protein shake (if you know this taste - you KNOW).

2 months ago

I absolutely LOVE the Cinnamon Toast cereal! I am gluten intolerant and try to avoid sugar. I eat a small bowl with oatmilk after dinner for dessert. If you expect it to taste like regular wheat and sugar cereal, you’ll probably be disappointed. If you CAN’T eat the other, you may love this as I do!