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Cat Person delivers products designed holistically for the needs of cats including meals, treats, beds, bowls, toys, and accessories.

Cat Person Reviews

Cat Person reviews


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22 reviews

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3 months ago

If i were my cat reviewing this company i would give it 10/5 stars, but the inconsistencies in shipping times even after paying more for express shipping have been insanely frustrating on a monthly plan. So all in all - quality of the cat food (according to Mango) is incredible, consistency of service on a monthly plan that both me and my cat are banking on to arrive on time... not so great. My cat is now addicted to this food and this food alone, so i plan ahead, and order sooner than my monthly subscription.

chicken shreds

4 months ago

I bought this food on a whim after weeks of trying different foods for my cat when I saw an IG ad for it. My cat loves the taste of it, but a few weeks later a friend of mine came over, saw that I was using Cat Person, and warned me against it. A few years ago her cat died very suddenly of kidney disease. She said he died about 2 months after he started the Cat Person diet. She said it could have been a coincidence, but she wanted to warn me in case. So I started looking into it, and I found a lot of evidence that supports her theory. A lot of cats die from kidney disease, and Cat Person's website itself warns against feeding their food to cats with kidney issues because of the high protein content. And the problem is if your cat DOES have kidney issues, you most likely won't know until it's too late. Sure enough, after feeding my cat half a can a day of this food (which is less than the recommended 1-2 cans) for about two weeks, she started peeing a lot more frequently (a sign of kidney issues) and generally acting strange and perturbed. I switched her back to her old food (which she had stopped eating), Fussie Cat, and she seems to be back to normal spirits. I also asked the nutrition specialist at my vet about it, and after doing research into the brand, she warned me against a few things: 1. She couldn't find the phosphorus levels in the food, which she found worrying. 2. She said the brand has a co-packer, so she couldn't verify the quality of the ingredients. 3. The brand doesn't have food catered to different life stages (less than 1 year is kitten, 1-7 years is adult, 7+ is senior). Basically, she said it seems like some cat lovers with the best intentions created this brand but failed to do the more scientific research. She recommended the Hills diet plan -- she said she's been to their facilities and seen how much research they do and how well they treat the animals. My vet said the phosphorus levels in Fussie Cat were good but she couldn't verify the manufacturing process, which was worrisome to her. Once I run out of the Fussie Cat food, I'm planning to switch to the Hills diet. I'll probably throw away the Cat Person food, or feed my cat half a can every once in a while so as not to upset her kidneys. TLDR: This food may literally kill your cat. Be careful.

2 years ago

Really great branding, the product is sort of a miss though. I can't totally speak to why, but my cat just doesn't like it very much. I really like the utensils(?)/scooper though.

2 years ago

Both of my cats absolutely love the Cat Person treats, but one of them in particular is insanely addicted. He will meow out me anytime I get within 10 feet of where we keep the Cat Person treats. They do love the dry food, but the size of the bag is a bit small and kind of annoying to constantly be ordering their food in the mail. Also love the branding and the box.


The packaging for the cat person treat is kind of a pain and splatters around. I do wish it was just in a milk carton type of container where I can just pour out a measured amount each day. Would be nice to see this brand in retailers. Unfortunately I cannot predict my cats eating habits, so relying on a subscription isn't the most ideal.

7 months ago

Our little buddy loved this stuff. Would have definitely kept purchasing if his taste buds weren't always looking for something new. Have given this a gift and is always appreciated.

8 months ago

My brother have picky cats and they seem to enjoy a couple of the flavors. My only downside is the smell of the food. It is a bit strong but I understand that.

a year ago

After doing an insane amount of research and testing out their competitor, Smalls, for my kitty, I've been buying Cat Person food for over a year now. It's basically the highest quality/cleanest ingredients you can get (save for human food) and comes in easy to dispense individually-portioned containers. I get my cat the tuna shreds and salmon/tuna shreds and he goes nuts for them (and is a pretty picky eater). The packaging is also super cute and I love their branding (even the box it gets delivered in can be re-purposed into a cat toy/hiding spot). Really thoughtful branding through every step of the way.


A bit expensive, but on par with other, similar cat food brands.

a year ago

I love their packaging and shipping box that turns into a cardboard toy for your cat. Looking at the ingredients, it is a very clean and no additives kind of product. The product's effectiveness is very dependent on what diet your cat enjoys and is comfortable with. They do offer a pate and shredded version of their food and instructions on how to try changing to different food brands. I would say the price point is higher than other brands, but I love that you get to try out the products before committing.

a year ago

Every once in a while I stop and think to myself that I am paying way too much for cat food. And then I keep doing it anyway. Seems to have great ingredients, and my cat loves every single kind of shreds in broth and every dry food we've gotten.