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Boka makes dental care products designed to have a positive impact on preventative health.

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All34Toothpaste 1

3 months ago

loved the toothpaste and the scraper! I wish the toothpaste was a bit mintier but i heard great things about the way it remineralizes (?) teeth? I'm so not a dentist though.

5 months ago

I've been using Boka toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss for about 3 months now, and I have no complaints! I love how straightforward every aspect of the brand is, from the product design, to the marketing + health claims, to the product itself. I often feel like the majority of "clean" and "better-for-you" brands are oversaturated in every way imaginable, so it's refreshing when you find one, such as Boka, that sticks to simplicity.

5 months ago

As someone who struggles with mouth sores/canker sores, something in this product did not agree with my mouth. I had the most painful canker sore in my throat (that lasted over a week) after using this toothpaste for a few days. I would caution anyone with a sensitive mouth.

a month ago

I liked the Boka mint toothpaste due to a combination of what it does and doesn't have. I like that it doesn't have fluoride, but still protects my teeth with the hydroxyapatite. The mint is a mild addition and not too strong but does leave your mouth feeling fresh.


3 months ago

I really wanted to love these products. Bought the toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss. But my mouth did not like it. I immediately had canker sores pop up in my mouth that didn't go away until after I stopped using it. Tried to reach out to them and no response. This happened before when I tried another "more natural" mouthwash. I guess it's the crappy chemicals for me.

8 months ago

Been avoiding the dentist lately, so I bought Boka when I was afraid all my of teeth were ruined. I really like Boka's creative flavor options. I have tried the Lemon Lavender and its tasty ( you know what I mean plesae dont eat it). My teeth feel great after a few months of using it. They have great deals from time to time so make sure to keep an eye out. Also , make sure to read the instructions. five stars 👁️👁️👁️👁️🦷

3 years ago

I've tried a lot of different toothbrush brands, and Boka is definitely up there. The design feels great in your hand, and it works really well. The brush heads felt like they didn't hold up that well and felt a little of a pain to get (especially the green ones) and I don't think in terms of effectiveness it was quite up to the sonicare (the 👑 in my opinion pure function wise) but definitely up there!

3 years ago

I love Boka's toothpaste. Finally the right balance between effectiveness and naturalness. They use n-Ha which is a more natural answer to fluoride. I feel like I get an effective clean that I don't get with other natural toothpastes. But sustainability is really important to me so I'm switching back to Bite which also uses n-Ha now, but comes in more sustainable packaging.


Sustainability :)

8 months ago

The re-mineralizing aspects of the Boka toothpastes significantly improved my teeth and gum health. I started using exclusively about a year ago when I noticed my teeth beginning to look their age (46F) -- sort of dingy, dull and spotty looking. I was also struggling with my mouth and breath not smelling fresh despite being a consistent brusher/flosser. The toothpastes brought a strength and shine back to my teeth, cleared up my breath issues, and as bonus my gum health also got rave reviews from my dentist with measured decreases in recession pockets.