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Effective oral health care? Boka makes an electric toothbrush and other dental care products.

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St Louis Park, Minnesota
James Hagen
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High qualityInnovative productSmells amazingGood for gifts 🎁Easy subscription management πŸ”
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a month ago

Love the taste and quality of the toothpaste. It is subtile. Love the ingredients of it and my teeth feel really good. Highly recommend it I subscribed to the monthly shipping.


I have the tongue cleaner as well but I would prefer another nicer design for it.

Easy subscription management πŸ”Good for gifts 🎁Innovative productSustainable products
3 months ago

I wouldn't use their toothpaste again, because I felt my teeth needed brushing more often. But the brushes and floss are great!

3 months ago

I like that the subscription aspect helped me regularly change my toothbrush out. I only got the basic toothbrush, which I quite liked.


I moved towards using an electric toothbrush that my dentist recommended and also bamboo toothbrushes for when I travel. Would love to see them recycle old toothbrushes (a la Preserve or something).

Easy subscription management πŸ”
3 months ago

I've tried a lot of different toothbrush brands, and Boka is definitely up there. The design feels great in your hand, and it works really well. The brush heads felt like they didn't hold up that well and felt a little of a pain to get (especially the green ones) and I don't think in terms of effectiveness it was quite up to the sonicare (the πŸ‘‘ in my opinion pure function wise) but definitely up there!

Cool look & feel
4 months ago

I love Boka's toothpaste. Finally the right balance between effectiveness and naturalness. They use n-Ha which is a more natural answer to fluoride. I feel like I get an effective clean that I don't get with other natural toothpastes. But sustainability is really important to me so I'm switching back to Bite which also uses n-Ha now, but comes in more sustainable packaging.


Sustainability :)

High qualityFun unboxing πŸ“¦Worth the money πŸ’ΈSmells amazingInnovative product