Bobo’s Oat Bars

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Bobo's makes a variety of gluten-free, oat-based baked goods and snack bars.

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Bobo’s Oat Bars Reviews

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5 months ago

I have been a big fan of Bobo’s for a while now! I enjoy the lemon poppyseed flavor as well as the stuffed bites.

a month ago

Bobo's is a good option when in an energy pinch. I like the oat-forward bars and bites with added fruits, chocolate chips, and other fillings. I wish they had less added sugar, but it's an overall good option for a quick energy boost.

3 months ago

I really like this company! I always have the strawberry stuffed bites or chocolate chip bars the in my house. I like to have these as an easy grab and go breakfast on days I have early classes. I also feel pretty full after just one bar! I will say, they are dry which can make them hard to eat in one sitting. Thats why I usually go for the strawberry stuffed bites (they are smaller and have the jelly filling which makes it less dry).

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2 months ago

I want to love these cause I like the fact that they have minimal ingredients and are oat based. Love their origin story too. But they just don’t do much for me. They are very bland and leave me hungry for something more. Yet they are pretty calorie dense. I have friends who swear by them, but I just can’t get in the Bobo wagon.

a year ago

I really loved these bars. They stay really moist and don't fall apart if they're stashed loose in a bag, unlike other oat-based snack bars.


They're so sweet! Sometimes with the flavors heavier in sugar, I can only eat half of the bar at a time.

10 months ago

Bobo's is the elite oat bar. Yes it's a bit sweet but it really hits. The flavors are delicious and the bars are filling.


Price point is high and I wish there was more protein.

a year ago

These things take me back to my childhood. Colorado company, so I'm biased being from Denver. I think they're delicious. Don't hit the macro profile that I look for these dates like more traditional protein bars and supplements, but when I'm in the store scanning aisles looking for a quick bite that will fill me up, sometimes grab these.

a year ago

I love Bobo's oat bars. I actually prefer the bites to the bar, as the bar is a bit too much for me. They definitely leave you feeling full, which is great for on-the-go activities and work. My favorite flavor is the chocolate brownie. They satisfy any sweet tooth I have and are softer than most of the other flavors. Some of the seasonal flavors I've tried are very good as well. The pumpkin bites are so good, especially when drinking a cup of hot Chai. Delivery was very fast. They also have rewards for frequent customers. The points add up pretty decently too. They run specials for discounts; you can subscribe for texts, and the texts are helpful. Sometimes the seasonal flavors sell out rather quickly, but if you subscribe to the texts you can place your order quickly without missing out.


I wish there were more flavors to choose from. My favorites include nuts, and id love to see other flavors that have almonds or other nuts in them. The bars do keep you full when you are too busy for a meal.

a year ago

They're definitely a specific experience that not everyone will love. I personally really like the flavors and textures of the bars - I had the chocolate chip one and the peanut butter oat one. It's kind of like a really healthy tasting oatmeal cookie (if you were raised crunchy you'd probably like it).

8 months ago

Love these bars- I have two kids (7 yrs/5yrs) they love these and ate these a lot when they were younger. I remember going on a family trip out of town and we had to restock during the trip- thank god we found more of the Bobo's! We were all grateful for these!