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Barebells makes a variety of protein bars featuring simple, nutritious ingredients.

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Barebells Reviews

Barebells reviews

Reviews mention

  • High protein content
  • Variety of flavors
  • Minimal processing
  • Lack of artificial sweeteners
  • Slightly powdery taste
  • Use of sucralose
  • Higher price point
  • Can feel heavily processed

Barebells protein bars are appreciated for their high protein content, range of delightful flavors, limited processing, and lack of artificial sweeteners. They provide a satisfyingly sweet yet healthy treat, mimicking the taste and texture of candy bars. However, despite their unique taste, some consumers find them slightly powdery and question the use of sucralose. The bars are also noted to be more expensive than other popular options, making them a less frequent choice for some buyers.

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55 reviews

15 days ago

They have a ton of protein, and so many innovative flavours. However I can't escape that they taste a little powdery and the chocolate feels a little off to me.

7 days ago

Cookies and Cream is my favorite flavor. It is such a good way to get protein in and it does not taste bad. It is chewy on the inside with crunchy pieces on top, great for chocolate lovers like myself.

6 days ago

The salty peanut flavor is so similar to a snickers bar but it has 20 grams and 200 calories. A treat to snack on if I’m in a bind or on the go. Even my picky son said it’s pretty close to a snickers. Haven’t tested the other flavors yet.

2 months ago

The best protein bar to exist. So tasty. So good. The best macros for a protein bar with this type of taste. Try the cookies and cream flavor asap

3 months ago

these are actually very addicting to eat. chocolate dough is the best flavor. my only concern is their usage of sucralose as an artificial sweetener

5 months ago

a nice sweet treat packed with protein and conveniently sold at a lot of stores around me. Doesn’t have the artificial sweetener taste which is great!

6 months ago

These changed the protein bar game for me when they came into my orbit. I'm a former gym owner and trainer, so I've tried just about every protein product you can imagine. They generally provide a satisfying eating experience (as long as you don't let them melt in warm temps). I've had several flavors, and Salty Peanut and Caramel Cashew remain favorites. Meanwhile, I'm reminded I need to try their other flavors, i.e. MINT! All this said: They're a great option for on-the-go protein, but they're still a processed food, and they sometimes sit in my system as such. They definitely give "candy bar but with protein" vibes, which is why I only have them every once in a while.

7 months ago

It's hard to find protein bars on the market with simple ingredients and limited processing. Barebells is a protein bar I feel better about picking up when in a pinch. They come in a variety of great flavors, such as Cookies & Cream, and offer a really good pack of protein without many added sugars or unusual ingredients.

a year ago

I love the caramel cashew! They are such a great option for protein with minimal sugar added! It is also a nice price point and are sold at Trader Joe’s.

a year ago

I have tried the peanut butter and cookies and cream flavors and the flavor is good but the bars are very chewy and dense.

a year ago

I was able to try the vegan hazelnut variety after months of hunting it down. It was not as tasty as I expected. The bar itself is very very chewy. I felt like I had to fight for every bite. Four stars because my tastebuds may be biased due to my sweet tooth.

a year ago

Pretty tasty and better than most protein bars. Still not my favorite, but will occasionally grab one at Trader Joe’s every now and then.

a year ago

I scarf these down like candy, point blank, period. I love indulging in a snickers bar with 20 grams of protein. These are pretty sweet! I don't mind it for protein bars because I'm used to protein bars being pretty sweet, but beware if that's a dealbreaker for you.

7 months ago

It's nice to find a protein bar with good flavors that tastes good but doesn't have too much sugar. They taste great, and I feel like they aren't as processed as some of the other protein bars out there. My only issue is the cost. It's not bad, but they're more expensive than some of the other popular protein bars, so that definitely limits how often I buy them.

7 months ago

Have tried cookies & cream, caramel choco, and salted peanut caramel and the first is definitely the clsasic and my favorite. The second and third ones were too soft and sticky imo. I like how this tastes just like a candy bar with less processing and artificial sugar. I also like it more than comparable products in the market simply because this does not have the weird stevia aftertaste that many others have.

7 months ago

Top three protein bar of choice for me. I try to keep one in my bag on any long day, because if my blood sugar is low, I am a less kind person. Highly recommend for travel days especially!

7 months ago

These are by far the best protein bars I have tried. They still have that very dry taste that most protein bars do.

a year ago

I bought the bars from Trader Joe's and tried carmel-cashew and chocolate dough. Chocolate dough had a really weird aftertaste for me and I couldn't get behind it. Carmel-cashew was pretty good. I really like the soft, nougaty center. Not sure if I'll buy them again though.

a year ago

As someone who's gluten free, it's so hard to find protein bars that taste good and these taste amazing! 20g of protein for 200 calories and it tastes like a candy bar, I'm a forever fan now!

7 months ago

I've tried many protein bars over the years, and none have had as good of a protein-to-calorie ratio as Barebells. 20g of protein per bar! And I love the flavors, especially caramel cashew. Pro tip: store them in your fridge to get a more satisfying consistency.