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Barebells makes a variety of protein bars featuring simple, nutritious ingredients.

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20 days ago

Have tried cookies & cream, caramel choco, and salted peanut caramel and the first is definitely the clsasic and my favorite. The second and third ones were too soft and sticky imo. I like how this tastes just like a candy bar with less processing and artificial sugar. I also like it more than comparable products in the market simply because this does not have the weird stevia aftertaste that many others have.

17 days ago

Top three protein bar of choice for me. I try to keep one in my bag on any long day, because if my blood sugar is low, I am a less kind person. Highly recommend for travel days especially!

24 days ago

These are candy bars in my mind. They have the chew, crunch, and flavor of a candybar, but with the protein and general macros that make them perfect for mid-training snackies. I would stay away from the vegan ones if you're not vegan and wanting to check them out. The salty Peanut and creamy crisp are THE BEST.

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5 months ago

I love the caramel cashew! They are such a great option for protein with minimal sugar added! It is also a nice price point and are sold at Trader Joe’s.

6 months ago

I was able to try the vegan hazelnut variety after months of hunting it down. It was not as tasty as I expected. The bar itself is very very chewy. I felt like I had to fight for every bite. Four stars because my tastebuds may be biased due to my sweet tooth.

6 months ago

Pretty tasty and better than most protein bars. Still not my favorite, but will occasionally grab one at Trader Joe’s every now and then.

6 months ago

I scarf these down like candy, point blank, period. I love indulging in a snickers bar with 20 grams of protein. These are pretty sweet! I don't mind it for protein bars because I'm used to protein bars being pretty sweet, but beware if that's a dealbreaker for you.

a month ago

It's hard to find protein bars on the market with simple ingredients and limited processing. Barebells is a protein bar I feel better about picking up when in a pinch. They come in a variety of great flavors, such as Cookies & Cream, and offer a really good pack of protein without many added sugars or unusual ingredients.

5 months ago

I have tried the peanut butter and cookies and cream flavors and the flavor is good but the bars are very chewy and dense.

a month ago

It's nice to find a protein bar with good flavors that tastes good but doesn't have too much sugar. They taste great, and I feel like they aren't as processed as some of the other protein bars out there. My only issue is the cost. It's not bad, but they're more expensive than some of the other popular protein bars, so that definitely limits how often I buy them.