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Aura Bora creates craft sparkling water with herbs, fruits, and flowers made without artificial and uninspired fruit flavors.


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an hour ago

I haven't tried the more herb-y flavors (like the ones with basil etc) but I did like the cactus rose, grapefruit elderflower, and ginger Meyer lemon. I don't drink a ton of sparkling water but these did taste better than some other ones that I have tried. They are sadly a lot more expensive than other sparkling water brands so I really only pick it up on sale.

3 days ago

I am OBSESSED with Aura Bora. Zero sugar and zero calories? Say less. Not to mention the flavors? How dare they jump off the shelf at me with the packaging, then make me addicted to the freshest least ~*spicy*~ sparkling water. My favorite afternoon treat. Do I pour this in a wine glass and pretend its a spritz? absolutely. Do I wish I could have an IV of the strawberry basil pumping through me at all times? again, yes.

11 hours ago

The artwork for each Aura Bora can flavor is the best!! The marketing can be a bit out there especially if you are subscribed to their newsletters/ emails. I love how they release new flavors and hype them up with smart marketing catered toward millennials. My favorite flavor that no other brand makes this perfect is lavender cucumber. And, yes, I absolutely get sucked into each marketing campaign and have tried almost every flavor except the too limited releases like green bean casserole.

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a month ago

I absolutely love Aura Bora Herbal Sparkling Water, I got the flavor Lavender Cucumber. The flavor I tried was incredibly refreshing, and the taste was truly delightful.

7 hours ago

Influencer for Aura Bora

I tried the Strawberry/Basil .. It Was Over Power by too much Basil.. I thought it wasn't balanced .. couldn't taste Strawberry at all. For me it just wasn't balanced in flavor.

10 hours ago

Love this brand of sparkling water. So different and refreshing. Wish I could find it in more stores.

4 months ago

I'm a really big fan of their flavors, particularly Cactus Rose and Basil Berry. The can is also so beautiful. The downside is that it errs pricey! I try to purchase them when they happen to go on sale at my local grocery store.

6 months ago

Tried the lavender cucumber - Super drinkeable (dare I say the cliche, ‘crushable’?) Sparkling cucumber with a slight nose of lavender - not overpowering at all. It was great to have one of these after a quick toy pick up and dance party in the living room with my 5yo.

a month ago

i live and die by aura bora. found them at a trade show and have been a superfan ever since. i am all for weird water & their creative flavors keep me on the edge of my hypothetical seat. world's largest ginger lemon fan. extra points for the coolest branding of all time ever (& super funny socials). cannot recommend enough!

a month ago

I was very pleasantly surprised by how much flavor is packed into a can, as well as the fact that some of the flavors feel pretty unique relative to what's out there. The packaging is also super cute and adds to the overall experience.