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AKT makes all natural and vegan deodorant with premium fragrances using recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

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AKT Reviews

AKT reviews

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12 reviews

a month ago

Scent is amazing and the stuff really works. Application by hand takes a minute to get used to but I love how they're spinning an age-old category on its head.

5 months ago

Love these deodorants!!! I searched everywhere for a natural sustainable deodorant, and there is always something wrong,....The smell funky, I smell funky or they leave stains... This is the first one that leaves me and my bf smelling nice the whole day, even though exercise! And it's super cute and convenient. They all smell amazing too, so sometimes we share it on our travels! Oh and the subscribtion is cool tho, as you can pospone it to whenever, but you get good discounts and shipping!

7 months ago

Obsessed with the Violet + Tonka bean fragrance. It sounds insincere but this is a natural deodorant that actually works as well for me as any synthetic one. I thought the metal tube would be a pain but with the little metal key it works a treat and so far my tube has lasted over 4 months, used every day. LOVE.

2 years ago

I was a little sceptical at first but was really looking forward to trying an all-natural deodorant. Overall I'm impressed. Love the packaging + does the job well :)


It can be hard to get the deodorant out sometimes, especially in a cold bathroom!

2 years ago

I was a bit skeptical at first because I've a) never used a deodorant in balm form and b) never spent more than a couple of quid on a deodorant. But this genuinely did change my life! Smells amazing, and you really do not smell a thing afterwards. I'd been looking for a natural and non-toxic deodorant for a while. Tried a crystal stick (worked for a bit then stopped working) and various other brands. This is honestly amazing. I started using it last October so I didn't have the chance to test it out in a gig or festival setting, but after this summer I can safely say, it works all the time. Really really well.



8 months ago

Lovely smell, lasts for a very long time and keeps me smelling fresh regardless of the weather. The assisstant is in my opinion a must! A very small quantity goes a long way and its not greasy or slimy, it leaves my skin feeling amazing every time. My only but to this great product is that it does tend to leak a little bit of oil every now and then. This is due to the plastic free packaging (the cap seal is not the best), and its a sacrifice I am happy to make for the environment.

10 months ago

Prior to this I always used Mitcham 24 hr. Anything less never worked. I have the neroli (orange ) tube. It smells wonderful and it really does deodorizer well I'm impressed and suspect I will buy another tube qhem this one is out. Meant to be much better for skin too.


Would be nice to get a sample pack that includes all 4 different scents. Wpuld recommend buying the key as it's really hard to squeeze the last bit out of the tube without it

a year ago

The best natural deodorant, the application takes some getting used to as it's a cream not roll on but scents are all excellent and lasts through gym usage.


Hard to get out of the tube at times, the key makes it easier and occasionally warming it under a tap.

2 years ago

The deodrants are great- smell fantastic and no weird chalky feel to them like other alternatives


I had a reaction to one deodrant but thought that the customer service rep who spoke with me was great- prompt, offered to exchange/ refund me straight away