What is Thingtesting?

We’re on a mission to build the corner of the internet where people can come together to talk honestly about new things. At Thingtesting, we believe that with the ever increasing number of brands launching online, coupled with the rise of fake reviews, paid influencers, and cherry-picked endorsements, it’s becoming outright impossible to know who and what to trust.

As a place to discover and authenticate new brands, Thingtesting is not sponsored or paid by the brands in our directory. Our only incentive is to help you make more informed purchase decisions. Our success is based on participation from people like you and we’re excited you’re here to test things with us!

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Frequently asked questions
How does it work?

Thingtesting is a database of internet-born brands. Collectively we’re building a trustworthy go-to resource for making purchases online. Discover new brands. Vet a brand you saw on Instagram. Dive into our editorial lists of round-ups, or create your own lists, whether that’s because you love them or because you want to try them or you want to get them for someone else. The first step is creating a profile.

Are brands paying you to be featured on Thingtesting?


How do you make money?

We are a database of physical things, and are not sponsored or paid by the brands we feature in our directory. Instead, we are very proud to be reader-backed and supported by the Friends of Thingtesting community. You can join Friends of Thingtesting today - in exchange you gain some special perks, such as discounts, invites and new features. We also make money with a few sponsorships in our channels (see next question).

What does it mean that this content is sponsored?

Thingtesting’s partnerships help keep this corner of the internet running through a few advertising spots in our channels. Currently we are honored to have a bi-weekly newsletter partner and our directory has one sponsored brand listing. To distinguish our partners from our brand listings they are clearly marked “Sponsored” with a purple color. Our partners are selected carefully and we do not allow partners to be companies that we would otherwise feature in our directory. This helps ensure we keep our curated selection of internet-born brands non-biased.

If interested in partnering with us, please reach out to [email protected]

What brands are included on Thingtesting?

Thingtesting curates and catalogs brands that sell things online. Many of these brands are direct-to-consumer with digital storefronts. Know a brand you think should be included, but don’t see it on the site yet? Submit it to us!

Are you planning to turn Thingtesting into a marketplace?


How did Thingtesting begin?

Thingtesting founder, Jenny Gyllander, was working at a London-based venture capital firm when she started to see tons of new brands popping-up in her social feeds. She wondered if the things these brands were selling were any good. With a strong conviction that consumers have the right to trustworthy information, Jenny started @Thingtesting.

I want to get involved!

That’s great! We’d love for you to become a friend of Thingtesting and help us test new features and offerings. We appreciate your support.

The team
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Jenny Gyllander
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