What is Thingtesting?

What’s new and what’s good? Thingtesting lists and reviews new brands. Brands do not pay us to do so. We believe that with an increasing number of brands launching online - and increasing amounts of fake reviews - it’s becoming out right impossible for consumers to know what to trust when making a purchase decision. We are in the early stages of building an honest meeting point online for consumers and new brands.

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A note from our founder

Thingtesting started sort of as a mistake. I kept seeing new brands all over my Instagram feed. Suitcases, mattresses, vegan sneakers, you name it. Every brand I saw looked stunning and claimed to be better than the other. I got curious, but the products didn’t ship to where I lived.

When I moved to London after graduation I brought with me a list of products that I couldn’t wait to test out. I started an Instagram account @thingtesting as a side project, so I could vent all things brand during evenings and weekends next to my daytime job in VC. I bought some foam board in an art shop, and started publishing my reviews. The account grew and took on an unexpected life of its own. In April 2019, a year after starting the account and almost 100 brand reviews later, I decided to take Thingtesting from a side-project to my full-time thing.

Today, I’m hoping that Thingtesting can become a corner of the internet where we can talk honestly about new things. There’s a new brand in our Instagram feeds every day. But it’s hard to know which ad or influencer-promoted product to trust. Sometimes I imagine Thingtesting as a small shop in the basement of a mall, where anyone can come to test and review products. You might be thinking why? “The world does not need more products, nor reviews.” I don’t agree. I think we need better products, and more honest reviews.

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The team

Jenny Gyllander
Jenny Gyllander
Founder / CEO
Damien Timewell
Damien Timewell
Hannah Say
Hannah Say
Data / Partnerships
Linus Ekenstam
Linus Ekenstam
Product / Design
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Frequently asked questions

How do you make money?

We are powered by our community of readers. The Thingtesting membership enables us to produce unbiased content. Brands do not pay us to be featured or reviewed.

What brands are included on Thingtesting?

We feature new online-born brands that sell things.

How do you take the pictures?

We use $4 foam board, an iPhone X and photoshop.

How can I get involved?

DM @thingtesting or email [email protected]

Press inquiries?

Yes! [email protected]

What's new? What's good? How does that work? Why?
Welcome to Thingtesting. We list and review new brands.