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July 13, 2021:

Team Testing

Team Testing is our internal product testing program where every Friday, we take turns presenting a product from Thingtesting's directory and explaining our experience with each other over Zoom. We've shared what we've been trying in April, May, and June - but this month is the first time you'll be able to read the team's reviews of the brands we've been testing. Be sure to click into the individual pages below to read them.

Our tech team's been playing around with some home decor, toys, and puzzles from Huzi and Craighill. Joakim's love for solid brass is endearing and truly unparalleled. We've also been buying summer staples like SPF from Vacation and bug spray from Kinfield. Meanwhile, Emma's been bringing the outside in with some succulents from Rooted. Down the food aisle, you'll find our reviews of Magic Spoon, Good Stock and Ruby.

Have a suggestion for what our team should test next? Let us know here. Want to write your own reviews? You can find how to join our public beta here.

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