April 2, 2021:
Team Testing

As you can imagine, the Thingtesting team comes across a ton of exciting new brands. There are now more than 1,700 of them in our directory. To get to know these brands a bit better, we recently started an internal "Team Testing" tradition. Every Friday, we take turns (enthusiastically) presenting a product from our site and sharing our experience with each other over Zoom.

This past month, we've tested custom printed press-on gel manicures, ultra concentrated coffee, and at-home blood tests to better track our health.

Inspired by our investigation into the "sober curious" movement, we also tried Gnista and Bôtan, both non-alcoholic spirit brands based in Europe.

Have a suggestion for what our team should test next? Let us know here.

A new kind of happy hour!

Hannah Say
Head of Partnerships


One tablespoon of Ultra Coffee? A 20x coffee concentrate that wants to put instant granules out of a job.


Changing your nails should be as easy as changing shoes. ManiMe creates custom-fit, toxin and cruelty free, at-home manis and pedis.


Non-alcoholic spirits with punchy, all-natural flavours. Made by distilling exclusive high-quality herbs. No additives. Made in Antwerp.

Gnista Spirits

The first non-alcoholic spirit truly resembling a fine spirit. Hand-made & Swedish.


At-home lab testing empowering everyone to understand and improve their issues with brain fog, sleep, weight gain, high stress, and more.

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