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Vital Proteins makes premium collagen that supports healthy skin, nails, bones & joints

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20 days ago

Loaded with protein and is completely tasteless as an added supplement to coffee. I noticed my knees are as “crickety” when I’m consistently taking this. Not sure it’s effective for hair and nail strength as I’ve not seen dramatic changes there.

5 months ago

I love this stuff! I know it’s expensive but when I use it regularly it keeps the acne away, which to me is worth it over the expensive creams. It really doesn’t have a flavor, I add it to my morning coffee or tea and works just great!

6 months ago

I buy the big package at Costco. It is the collagen one, and I add two TBSP daily to my coffee. Noticed that my skin has become firmer over time. I have been using it for over a year now. Can't speak to the other products but for their collagen powder, I think it is excellent.

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3 months ago

Great brand for collagen peptides. The unflavored has a slight twang to it when you put a scoop in your black coffee, but I don’t mind. I know when I use this in a smoothie, it takes the thickness up a whole level!

Original Collagen Peptides

4 months ago

Love their collegean protein powder. Plus it’s a truly affordable brand if you shop at Costco especially!

5 months ago

This brand is great! I like to add to my 32 ounce bottle blender 3/4 full of water, 2 scoops of vital proteins collagen, 1 scoop of pink lemonade powder, and plop in my metal shaker ball and shake like crazy! I do feel that it helps my skin, hair, and nails. My mother drinks it religiously in the mornings! I love the brand and I keep a large bottle in my pantry to restock my little bottle in my cupboards.

5 months ago

The unflavored collagen dissolves nicely but for the price I don't see any difference between Vital Proteins and other powders that are 3rd park certified

2 months ago

I love that I can put it in my coffee and it dissolves. I wish the lid was just a pop top, to make it easier access. I didn't notice a difference in my hair or skin.

Original Collagen Peptides

7 months ago

I’ve used the vital proteins peptides for a number of months. Although my hair is already full, expected more results of my nails and skin. The powder does dissolve well in hot coffee.

10 months ago

There was such a noticeable difference to my skin and hair after starting vital proteins marine collagen that others were asking what I was doing differently. The CAPSULES are easy to digest with no bad aftertaste.


The powder form of the marine collagen is intolerable, it tastes like dirty lake water.