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Truff sells truffle sauces that enhance the flavor of every meal.

Truff Reviews

Truff reviews


88% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Rich truffle flavor
  • Adds depth to dishes
  • Versatile use in meals
  • High-quality ingredients
  • High price point
  • Overpowering truffle flavor
  • Not suitable for all dishes
  • Unclear truffle sourcing

Truff is a versatile brand with a rich, spicy and umami flavor profile catering to truffle and hot sauce lovers. However, the price point is often considered high and the truffle flavor can be overpowering for some.

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423 reviews

18 days ago

Truff black truffle infused hot sauce (the black label) is so good. It’s spicy but without the overly strong vinegar taste that a lot of other hot sauces have. I don’t think the sauce is too spicy for most.

a month ago

I'm not a hot sauce person but I AM a Truff person. It is so good. Another person said it isn't good on everything and I agree. The only complaint I can have is that the bottle gets really messy. I am happy that it's in a glass bottle and wouldn't want it in squeezable because it would mean plastic. So still 5 stars.

4 months ago

I have tried this sauce on truffle fries and became in love. I enjoy the rich flavors and can't wait to try it on more appetizers.

4 months ago

I like it but think it's fairly overpriced. Maybe Kim can turn it around!

4 months ago

I have tried the white truffle hot sauce. I really like it — it has some heat but not too much and a nice flavour!

5 months ago

TRUFF is absolutely fantastic! It has just the right amount of kick, but also a real truffle flavor that makes me want to put it on absolutely everything. I really wish that it would be easier to buy it in Europe.

3 months ago

I love the packaging it is very sleek and the taste itself is really good. It is slightly expensive but I think it’s worth it.

3 months ago

With the right meals, truff is really good!! If you want to elevate your breakfast and add it to your eggs I would highly recommend

4 months ago

One of my favorite gift-giving items with the fanciest/high-class packaging! Everyone's always excited to add some spice into their life, especially when it comes in a nice bottle. Even if it didn't taste great (which it does), I think the bottle could sell me from the aesthetics itself.

4 months ago

looove the truffle flavor. the mayo is great too! perfect for dipping fries.

4 months ago

Been buying this brand for 2 years. Excellent!

2 months ago

Great, elevated sauce that's simply delicious.

4 months ago

The truffle sauce is really good and I find it super versatile. It’s pricy but I keep buying it because of the great flavor. I make tacos a lot and use it for that as well as chicken and eggs.

5 months ago

I think that Truff is super luxe & I know many who love it, but it just isn't for me, unfortunately! Definitely recommend that everyone tries it at least once!

5 months ago

I’ve enjoyed the hot sauce I’ve tried, but it’s not worth the price to me. It feels very high quality and the packaging is nice, but it’s not so much better than other hot sauces and I would splurge, unless I was buying it as a gift.