Tom's of Maine

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Natural versions of products you use everyday, like toothpaste and deodorant.

Tom's of Maine Reviews

Tom's of Maine reviews


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9 reviews


4 months ago

Use Tom's of Maine toothpaste for my kids who have super sensitive skin and have a reaction to ingredients found in traditional kids toothpaste. This toothpaste is made from either naturally-sourced/derived ingredients which do not cause a skin reaction. And it minty fresh.


7 months ago

PROS: I love that Tom's of Maine's has a great, ethical, and animal-free product that is healthier than a lot of other alternatives. CONS: I have very sensitive skin and Tom's made my skin break out and, on me, didn't seem to last as long as regular deodorants.


2 years ago

I've used their stick deodorant in lemongrass. It smells lovely, lasts a long time. I'm not sure it's any better than a regular brand live Dove for example, but it did smell nice. Tom's of Maine also sell fluoride free toothpaste which I accidentally purchased once. The toothpaste had a nice flavor, but without fluoride is useless at protecting against cavities and tooth decay.


Sometimes the deoderant leaves a slightly greasy feeling under your arms, but I found just using a little less helps avoid this.

a year ago

I use the non aluminum non scented deodorant, and it is the ONLY one that does not make me smell worse than if I didn’t even wear deodorant. I even tried switching back to traditional, so if you’re looking for a non aluminum deodorant, save yourself the time, get this one!

a year ago

I tried their deodorant. The feel during application is great, but sadly it does not last a long time in me. I do not suffer from strong armpit odor, but not sure why it only lasts like 4-5 hours for me. My previous deodorant lasted a full day.

a year ago

Used to be a regular user of the toothpaste (5star) and the deodorant (3star) but back then, I had higher ideals and I felt good about myself when I used these. Now, I’m just a consumer of whatever I can afford, and the ideals Tom’s championed just felt like they got too pricey for me. The products deserve a 5. My own world outlook took away those 2 stars.


I wish I could live up to your brand identity.

a year ago

I love the approach to a clean deodorant however, this wasn't effective for me, and I smelled of BO after a few hours of wearing it.


Making the scents a bit stronger or more lasting without compromising it being a clean product.