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Tomboy X offers high quality apparel made for comfort and confidence with sizes 3XS - 6X.

Tomboy X Reviews

Tomboy X reviews


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6 reviews

2 years ago

I absolutely adore Tomboy X’s everyday sports bras. I have a larger chest and without proper support I struggle with back pain and discomfort. These bras have solved most of my issues. The level of compression is comforting to me and I can wear the bras under tee shirts without the straps peeking through the collar.


Shipping was a little slow.

a year ago

I workout a lot, a combination of running and weightlifting, and I was super frustrated with my underwear riding up so I tested a bunch of brands and styles and Tomboy X Iconic Briefs have become my go to style. They are the only brand and style I have found that lets me do my thing without having to worry about my underwear. I won't mention other brands, I have tried a few others that also don't ride up, but are much poorer quality and riddled with holes and falling apart, which my Tomboy X ones are not. I also tried their Tencel Bikini, and they're a better fit and style for more everyday wear, but not for working out. I like that they regularly introduce new prints and colors and just seem fun overall.

3 years ago

I was on an endless search for all cotton boy shorts. Tomboy X was my answer. They have two different lengths of boy shorts and an amazing selection of colors. The customer service team is amazing. And they always seem to have lots of sales and promotions throughout the year.


Why did it take me so long to find Tomboy X?

9 months ago

Speaking to the bras specifically - Pre top-surgery, these bras were incredible and definitely a part of my daily wear. I had a larger chest (36GG) and these were the only bras I really liked/used. I LOVED the semi-binding options, and although the sports bras were about average in terms of compression, I liked having a non super-branded option and cute colors. I've never tried the underwear. My chest was so large that binding was never really effective, but the Tomboyx binders are comfy for sure. I appreciate this company!!

2 years ago

I initially found them when I had an eczema flare-up on my upper legs and needed something to wear during the night — it is (or was) tough to find longer, female-friendly underwear that are made of 100% cotton, and they fit the bill. I got some pairs of their 4.5" trunks, and loved them. After that, I branched out into their hipsters, briefs, boy shorts, bralettes, and thongs. One of my first purchases was a pair of dino-print boyshorts that made me feel like a kid again in the best way. Their prints are always SO fun. Fit is consistent across the board, no matter the product line. More importantly, they are super comfy for everyday wear. I really love and appreciate their body, sexuality and gender-inclusivity within their product lines, it makes me feel extra good buying their stuff. Every new type of product they offer is well thought out (I just bought some of their swimwear, and it's great too). A few of my family members have tried their leakproof line, and love it. I'm so happy this brand exists.


If they offered a no-show line of underwear I'd switch over to them completely. I'm excited to see them continue to grow their offerings.

3 years ago

I'm trying to become someone who wears less clothing when I sleep because I'm always so dang hot! But for some reason my parents raised me to wear full pants and a full shirt to bed so now I'm in my 30s wearing sweatpants and a dang sweatshirt to bed regardless of season. I've been underwear-to-bed curious (maybe nude someday?! Maybe!!!), so I bought the Tomboy X high rise boy shorts to get myself comfortable with wearing less clothes to bed while feeling like I have my legs, butt, and waist partially covered. A training device if you will! One of my greatest fears of wearing underwear (or heaven forbid being totally nooood) is the middle-of-the-night fire or potential thief. Will I have time to get dressed before evacuating? Prob not! These shorts are perfect for the inevitable 2am chasing-a-random-dude-out-of-my-house moment. They don't look like underwear but rather very small shorts. Random Dude won't have a CLUE. They stay in place and give me loads of coverage. I can even wear them under jeans or other pants if I'm feeling like wearing them like actual underwear too! If I die in my sleep I'll be happy to haunt this world forever wearing my Tomboy X shorts.


Make an edible version!!!!!