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Starface crafts star-shaped pimple patches to help with stubborn acne.

Starface Reviews

Starface reviews


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Reviews mention

  • Cute and trendy design
  • Prevents pimple picking
  • Reduces inflammation effectively
  • Popular among young users
  • Less effective than competitors
  • Issues with stickiness
  • Too small for bigger spots
  • High price point

Starface pimple patches are loved for their cute and trendy design, making them a hit especially among younger users. They are appreciated for their effectiveness in reducing inflammation and preventing users from picking at their pimples. However, some users found them less effective compared to other brands in terms of actual acne treatment. The patches also have issues with stickiness, often failing to stay on the skin for long durations or over skincare products. Some users also found them too small for bigger spots.

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288 reviews

16 days ago

I think that this product works for a lot of people, and I like their design, but the price point is way too high to be able to use it regularly. While the packaging is really cute, it ends up being just a lot of plastic for not a lot of product.

2 days ago

Starface is one of my favorite acne patches. I actually had someone at my workplace. Tell me the pimple patches are cool now and I really think that that’s funny. I love that way embracing our skin and our bodies changes instead of being horrified like we have been in the past. Love this brand.

17 days ago

My kids are addicted to these little star pimple patches they wear them everywhere even school it’s like a trend among these young kids! And they really work

16 days ago

Influencer for Starface

Love this stuff! Prevents me from picking at my pimples and blemishes

6 months ago

Sadly, these are among the least effective pimple patches I've tried. I'd recommend skipping these and opting for the following brands: Hero, CosRx, or Mighty Patch. The star-design isn't important to me personally, but I could see these being a fun product for a younger, teenage audience.

5 months ago

I love these. They come out with cute different shapes sometimes too. I have worn these in public, and it's just like fun stickers on your face - it feels like a fun way to not be shy about it. I find myself reaching for these constantly. The packaging is lovely, and it works really well.

2 months ago

Starface is so cute. Very expensive though and the pimple patches are not as great as others.

3 months ago

They’re cute and I love that they’re kinda an accessory now, but I feel like other pimple patches work better on my skin personally.

6 months ago

I am a big fan of acne patches and was not amazed by Starface. While they did help get rid of the acne, they were not as strong as other brands, and the patches are very small and only offered in one size. While I love the idea of putting cute stars on my face the shape sometimes made it hard to reach the entire pimple with just one patch. Overall I love the concept of a product that helps people to not be ashamed of their acne but I find that there are many other brands that are a lot stronger and are a lot cheaper.

2 months ago

Super cute pimple Control that the kids are wearing to school now. You don’t have to cover up pimples anymore just wear your little stars to school. My 2 daughters love. Can be a little pricey, but who wants a big zit showing?

6 months ago

I love the foaming cleanser & hydrating face cream. A little goes a long way & it suds up really nicely. The scent isn’t my favorite but that’s so unimportant. The moisturizer is rich but has a light finish. I used the night water a couple times. Might not have it as my regular routine. I’m in my 40’s and need additional products but these are perfect for a younger person to get effective easy care with cheerful packaging. The price is very reasonable as well!

6 months ago

Starface fails to live up to the hype. The touted skincare benefits are overshadowed by an impractical application method and subpar results. The star-shaped pimple patches not only draw unnecessary attention but also lack effectiveness in tackling breakouts. The overall experience feels more like a gimmick than a serious skincare solution. A regrettable purchase that leaves much to be desired.

3 months ago

They look really fun but are hard to remove and dont do anything but cover it up

3 months ago

Patches are a little too small to fit well on a spot! They’re so cute but I also feel like other hydrocolloid patches work MUCH better

4 months ago

I saw these pimple stickers on an ad, and got sucked into buying them because they’re so cute! But other than that, I don’t find that they actually do anything. I leave these on overnight and never see a difference in the morning. I only buy them because they’re cute to walk out of the house with when I have a huge pimple that I can’t even cover up with makeup.