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Spindrift produces a range of naturally flavored, sparkling water.

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Spindrift Reviews

Spindrift reviews

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Reviews mention

  • Distinct natural taste
  • Use of real fruit juice
  • Variety of flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Underwhelming flavors
  • Overpriced drink
  • Less carbonated
  • Taste off when refrigerated

Spindrift, a popular sparkling water brand, is loved for its distinct, natural taste, variety of flavors, and lack of artificial sweeteners driven by its use of real fruit juice. However, some customers find certain flavors underwhelming, the drink overpriced, less carbonated and can taste off when refrigerated for long.

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7 days ago

Received a free product from Spindrift

I like that their unsweetened sparkling drink didn't have a bitter aftertaste. Though unsweet I still was able to taste the natural lemon flavor as if it had been freshly squeezed. I think their slightly sweetened drinks would be even better though!


21 days ago

Move over, Arnold Palmer: I cannot get enough of Spindrift's "half tea & half lemon" sparkling water. It's the perfect blend of the three ingredients—carbonated water, lemon juice, and brewed black tea—with absolutely no sugar, Sucralose, or stevia. Offering just the right balance of citrus tang and brewed earthiness, it's great as a mid-afternoon thirst quencher and/or pick-me-up. You even get tiny pieces of tea leaf pouring out as you finish the can: how's that for authenticity? 😀

half tea & half lemon

a month ago

Spindrift is a sparkling water that is very refreshing. With no sugar added and with very low calories, Spindrift is one of our favorite drinks. With many different flavors available, Spindrift is made with simple, fresh ingredients that quenches your thirst. Great additions to cookouts or just enjoy any day/night of the week. I currently have the Raspberry Lime is in refrigerator and it is very yummy. I look forward to giving more flavors a try.

raspberry limeGrapefruitStrawberry

3 hours ago

These were okay! I am not the biggest fan of these types of drinks anyways but this also wasn’t that great for me. The flavor was alright, probably won’t buy again but the packaging is nice & pretty!


15 days ago

best flavor out of all sparkling water. its the juice that won me over


19 days ago

These are pretty good, I love all of the flavors.

LimePineappleBlood orange tangerineGrapefruitStrawberry

19 days ago

I drink a ton of sparkling water, so the little bit of sugar from the fruit juice makes this feel like a treat. I love the flavour range and appreciate that there isn’t extra sweetener like stevia or monk fruit.

raspberry limeGrapefruit

a month ago

I LOVE spindrift!! I’ve never been a soda gal, but sometimes water just isn’t “it”, ya know? They’re bubbly, but not overwhelmingly so (if that makes sense). Their flavors are light, crisp and delicious. They make for a great mocktail/cocktail additive as well

LimePineappleBlood orange tangerineGrapefruitStrawberry

8 days ago

Spindrift is one of my favorite sparkling water drinks. The taste is good and they have some fun flavors. Only con is that it isn't as carbonated as long as other sparkling drinks.


17 days ago

Spindrift is one of my favorite sparkling waters! The flavors are vibrant and taste quite natural. I love to reach for these as a little treat when I'm looking to avoid alcohol or soda.

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