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Rind sells upcycled fruit snacks using sustainable packaging.



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3 hours ago

Love their apple chips, yes they're expensive but totally worth it. Perfect for my mindless snacking habit lol

a month ago

It's taken me a while to track down each of the different flavors of RIND. But I finally did! I absolutely love the strawberry pear one! I literally ate it in one sitting and continue to get this flavor whenever I see it. For the other flavors, I wasn't really the biggest fan. But I thought it was very cool that there were so many different fruits that they offered!

2 months ago

I picked up the orchard one because I saw it had persimmons (I love dried persimmons and they're hard to find anywhere), but the taste wasn't really what I was hoping for. Unlike the usual dried fruits, the texture of these is very chewy, but maybe a bit too chewy since I got annoyed at how long it was taking to chew the apple which was basically flavorless. Overall, they're alright.

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3 months ago

I really wanted to like these, but they were ultimately just really “ok.” Not the best, not the worst, just somewhere kinda mediocre in between.

a year ago

So good! I really like their Straw-perry flavor.


The Coco-melon flavor was a little gross to me. Dried watermelon is almost a little too leathery for mew, I think because watermelon has so much moisture in it to start.

a year ago

The fact that the brand keeps the peel on and uses fruits you don’t generally see in the dried fruit section at the grocery store makes it feel like an elevated experience. It’s delicious and I don’t feel like I’m effectively eating candy like I do with most dried fruit. The skin can add a bitter taste, such with oranges, but I enjoy it and it makes me feel like an adult. Adults like bitter things.

a year ago

Really liked RIND. Grew up in a household hyper focused on the environment, and RIND's solution to help combat food waste is something I can get behind! Not a snack that I would eat day after day after day, but I like it every now and then and I can feel good about eating it.

8 months ago

It's ok! From the packaging, I expected it to be more similar to freeze dried fruit with a crispy texture, but these are soft and leathery and more on the chewy side. I think I prefer the texture of freeze dried strawberries more.

10 months ago

Love this brand's mission, but did not love the texture of these! I found them really difficult to chew, so it wasn't a super pleasant experience just eating them out of the bag. I ended up chopping up the fruit and using it in a granola. The flavor is tasty, but the texture is a miss for me.

a year ago

One of my favorite guilt free snacks. Love all the different fruits and blends. Such an easy snack to bring on-the-go and snack on through out the day. Perfect for my charcuterie boards too!


Would love to see mango and more chip options!