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Poppi makes prebiotic soda to eliminate the excessive sugar in regular sodas.

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Poppi Reviews

Poppi reviews

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Reviews mention

  • Unique and diverse flavors
  • Health-conscious soda alternative
  • Gut-friendly prebiotic ingredients
  • Innovative and refreshing taste
  • Product is considered pricey
  • Some flavors leave aftertaste
  • Artificial sweetener off-putting
  • Some find flavors too diluted

Poppi is a prebiotic soda brand appreciated for its diverse range of flavors and health-conscious approach. Customers love the brand for its unique flavors and gut-friendly ingredients. However, some customers find the product pricey and have issues with the aftertaste of certain flavors.

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1,616 reviews

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2 days ago

Purchase by myself

Popi is such a tasty drink; it's packed with **prebiotics**, which are great for your gut health. If you’re new to the term, prebiotics essentially feed the good bacteria in your gut. Poppi prides itself on using real fruit, and you can definitely taste the difference. There are no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, which is a huge plus for those of us trying to keep our diets clean and our bodies happy.


12 days ago

Cute packaging and fun flavours, although I haven't been wowed by any. As far as prebiotic sodas go, there are other brands that have my heart 👀

15 days ago

Poppi is the goat. Rich in flavor but thoughtful nutritional stats. Excellent on the go or at home in a mocktail.

Ginger LimeStrawberry Lemonadedoc pop

19 days ago

These are so good. I don't drink traditional soda only sparkling water and ginger beer. This are a great way to enjoy childhood favs without high fructose and etc additives.

Ginger LimeStrawberry LemonadeorangePoppi

a month ago

I had raspberry rose, read the ingredients and it’s just apple cider vinegar added for the probiotic effect. Which ,cool doesn’t taste like It,but that’s it? Nothing else in there for fiber at all? Wildwonder and Olipop both have numerous different roots and plants for added fiber for your diet that is great for your gut heath, and they taste like sodas! But this taste like Ice sparkling juice..it very disappointing. I’m not buying it again.

Raspberry Rose

18 days ago

I love the taste of Poppi sodas, they don't taste like the typical soda but I actually like that! I like them better because they're not as sweet. They're a great alterative to soda if you're looking for something healthier/to reduce your sugar intake. I also like that they're caffeine free! The reason I give 3 stars is because, 1. they're quite expensive and 2. they contain stevia. Stevia gives me a migraine and I know it's a trigger for many other migraine sufferers also. If this is a concern for you, I recommend Culture Pop! It's another prebiotic soda that doesn't use artificial sugars and is very similar to Poppi.

Strawberry LemonadeorangeRoot BeerClassic ColaPoppi doc pop

a month ago

Love you Poppi ❤️ nothing like cracking open a cold one from the nearest deli on a hot day. Refreshing and simple ingredients

Ginger Limeorange

20 hours ago

Its hard to restrict myself to 1-2 of these a day. The Raspberry Rose and Cherry Limeade are my favorite.