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Plus makes just-add-water, zero waste body wash in dissolvable packaging.

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I picked these up at Target as I'm always interesting in new zero waste products. I got the coconut jasmine scent, which doesn't really smell like either to be honest. The soap sheet breaks down right away and works well. I love how quickly the packaging disintegrates in the shower. I could see myself using these when traveling or just keeping in my bag. You definitely need to make sure the packets don't come in contact with moisture as they break down super fast.


I enjoy when there is a light scent left on my skin after using a body wash. With these there was no scent left behind.

Innovative productSustainable products
a month ago

An innovative product that is perfect for travel and a joy to use.

Innovative productTravel friendly ✈️
3 months ago

I think this is such an innovative zero waste product. I


Pricing makes it prohibitive for everyday family use. On that note, it’s perfect for travel!

Travel friendly ✈️Smells amazingEco-friendly packagingSustainable productsLove the brand's mission 💕
Deborah K's review of Plus
4 months ago

great brand, innovative product, and a pretty cool form factor, think it lends itself to more of a travel use case but overall I love it!

Innovative productCool look & feelTravel friendly ✈️Eco-friendly packagingLove the brand's mission 💕
6 months ago

Plus is perfect for traveling. The packaging is super fun and innovative. I think it would also be fun for kids.


I would love to purchase a Plus travel set with shampoo and conditioner. I also would love the soap pad inside to be a little bigger, so there is more soap in each packet.

Good for gifts 🎁Innovative productTravel friendly ✈️Eco-friendly packagingSustainable productsLove the brand's mission 💕
a year ago

As a big just-add-water fan I was hooked when Plus launched. The whole idea of a body wash with zero plastic and packaging that dissolves in water seemed too good. Turns out it all works as advertised, and on top of that the scent which I got (Summer) was stunning. However, I don't think this is an everyday product for me. The logistics of opening a sachet with dry hands, leaving it outside the shower to then reach out to grab it while showering, etc is just not worth the hassle vs a normal soap bar. BUT, I had Plus with me on a two-night Amtrak ride and can warmly recommend Plus as a substitute when traveling or as a gift to anyone that travels a lot.


Something feels slightly odd about throwing what looks like paper on a shower floor. It definitely dissolved quickly and left no mess, but I was left wondering for a few seconds if I just clogged the pipes...

Good for gifts 🎁Innovative productCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Travel friendly ✈️Smells amazingAmazing websiteEco-friendly packagingSustainable productsLove the brand's mission 💕
Jenny Gyllander's review of Plus
a year ago
🤝Friends with Plus

I really love this product- very innovative, amazing design. Great scents. After ripping the paper open, and getting the sheet of soap wet, you can toss the paper in the shower and watch it dissolve- SO COOL. The soap has a great foam and texture- and it foams really well- better than my expectations. The flavors are very sophisticated (compared to the basics at the drug store) but still fun and refreshing. The one sheet works well for whole body if you make sure it gets wet enough! Cant wait to take traveling and hiking with me.


Only watch out I would be marking sure you tear the paper open before getting too wet- otherwise it can be a little tricky to pull out the soap sheet. But SOO worth it.

Good for gifts 🎁High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelFun unboxing 📦Travel friendly ✈️Smells amazingEco-friendly packagingSustainable productsLove the brand's mission 💕
a year ago

Loved this for traveling. This reduces the bottles on your carry-on. I bought this for a camping trip. I would recommend that you use a washcloth or sponge to get better use of the soap. This was a travel game changer!

Innovative productWorth the money 💸Travel friendly ✈️Smells amazingEco-friendly packagingSustainable products
Karol  F's review of Plus
10 days ago

Plus Zero Waste Body Wash works. in an attempt to create a fully sustainable body wash, the brand succeeded. it’s got dissolvable soap, dissolvable packets for said soap, and comes in a recyclable box. it comes in amazing scents - i tried out the coconut/jasmine and loved it. in theory it’s perfect, but in practical use, it can get messy. The soap squares tend to fall apart pretty quickly, and are difficult to use if not used with a wash cloth. there tends to be a lot of loss in soap when i use it (if that makes sense) and i feel like i’m not getting the whole product. and the satchets are so biodegradable that they’ve started to dissolve just by sitting in my bathroom. the product works as intended, but needs work as well.


the flat shape of the soap can be hard to manage, maybe a cube or ball would work better

Cool look & feelSmells amazingEco-friendly packagingSustainable productsLove the brand's mission 💕
2 months ago