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Petit Pot makes a range of French-inspired desserts.


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10 days ago

Their chocolate hazelnut flavor is SO yummy. I also love to repurpose & use these jars around the house. These are a really yummy sweet treat, & its the perfect size.

30 minutes ago

Purchased the Chocolate Hazelnut from Sprouts grocery store and it's delicious and addicting! Feels like a decadent treat that I could easily eat for dessert. Noticed that flavor is not always available or well-stocked.

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3 days ago

Oh man, Petit Pot is beyond delicious. Price point is definitely in the "treat" range, but definitely worth it. Also, I have a collection of the glass jars, that I am admittedly hoarding but I swear I will find a use for them.

15 days ago

Stumbled into this brand at Whole Foods and never looking back. It is such a decadent and delicious treat that doesn't taste artificial, too sweet, or unhealthy. The rice pudding is my favorite. Can't wait to try more flavors!

a month ago

The plant-based line tastes like the REAL dairy thing. I keep them on hand to surprise my vegan boyfriend when I can't bake something from scratch. They are rich. Also, can I just say how I love their advocacy for reusing their little jars?

3 days ago

Love, love, love these deserts. I found them when I had dental surgery and could only eat smooth food and found they were delicious. They're slightly expensive for the amount you get - but totally worth it as an indulgence. I also use them for dessert at dinner parties - the glass pot looks great on a small plate with some sides of cake.

a month ago

Petit Pot French-Inspired Desserts offer delicious treats with adorable reusable ceramic jars. While they are a bit pricey, the taste and packaging make them worth it! Love the pistachio flavor!

a month ago

I used to love these. I could repurpose the jars the pudding came in and you know the size is pretty awesome for dried herbs and seeds you harvest in the garden. Or for spices you buy in the bulk section. Now the jars do not have reusable lids. I wish they would return to their original packaging. I appreciate one is able to get lids from them though. Adding another star for the response from the company. Thank you. It is good pudding btw.