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Odele Beauty makes clean, natural, vegan, inclusive, affordable hair and body care products.


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10 days ago

I love Odele! I have been using the clarifying shampoo and air dry styler for more than a year now! I highly recommend both if you have oily hair and/or you like air-dried hair without the frizz.

5 months ago

Their moisture mask is no joke!! I try to keep it natural and this is a fantastic product for the price point! I even got my boyfriend hooked on it.

6 months ago


i have yet to be wowed by odele, but i also haven't been let down. their products are utterly dependable in that they do exactly what they say they will. why did i only give them 4 stars, then? because what i REALLY want is a product that is actively delightful to use, something joyful and indulgent. that's just not what odele does, at least for me.

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5 months ago

Received a free product from Odele Beauty

I love Odele. The clean scent is lovely and the range of products has allowed me to find a shampoo that works well with my hair type. To top it off, the packaging is beautiful and customer service is awesome. It feels like a luxury hair care product at a drugstore price.

5 months ago

I’ve been using the same bottles of their shampoo, conditioner, and hair masque and I am not disappointed. My hair is softer, shinier (not oily either), and overall looks healthier. The smell is SCRUMPTIOUS. It’s animal cruelty free, vegan, woman owned, and lasts FOREVER. The website is lovely for finding the right products and the bottles are so clean and aesthetic. Overall I’d recommend to anyone.

a year ago

Love Odele! Packaging itself is clean and aesthetically-pleasing. I love their detangling spray and air-dry cream. I tried their volumizing shampoo and while it was nice, I can't say it did much for my volume personally. Also I'm a sucker for a good lather and I didn't get that from this shampoo. Overall though, my hair has been looking good and healthy since I've started using Odele. Also, FWIW I know Jenna Lyons is a fan too ;)

9 months ago

Perfectly average, reasonable for the price, probably the cutest bottles at Target but I will not be repurchasing.

8 months ago

good products at affordable price


shampoo lathers kinda weird

a year ago

I use their leave in conditioner. The packaging is stunning and minimalist and the product smells great. Does an amazing job of sets going my hair!


Would like a spray leave in conditioner instead.