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Nuud makes an all-natural and vegan anti-odorant that comes in bioplastic sugarcane packaging and is effective for 3-7 days.


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4 months ago

I keep trying other natural deodorants, but this is always the one I end up coming back to. It doesn’t have a smell, but it really works! My only complaint would be that the paste is rather thick, but if that’s the price I have to pay then so be it.

5 months ago

Due to health problems, I was excessively sweating 😅 Nuud was one of the only products that reduced my sweating. Now that my thyroid isnt overactive, I can use any deodorant I want! But why would I go back to using traditional aluminum deodorants daily, when I could use nuud only twice a week?

2 years ago

Actually didn't work for me, sadly! What's interesting is that it kept me relatively dry so even though there was still BO, you had to be really close to smell it. So it was somehow contained, but still not trustworthy enough? I really wanted to like it!

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9 months ago

I only use this during the summer, but the tiny tube means it’s easy to forget I have it. When I do remember, it does help keep my pits pretty dry. There are still scenarios where I experience breakthrough sweat, like in job interviews, but overall it keeps me pretty dry. I don’t know about 3-7 days, but it’s also been a while since I’ve used this stuff. It’s not clear to me how this product isn’t bad for me (isn’t it bad to stop your pits from sweating?). Yes, it doesn’t have aluminum, but what are the long-term effects of preventing your armpits from sweating? I will admit that the friendly branding assuages me. And I don’t use it all the time, so I guess that makes it okay in terms of health. It is a hassle to apply. Nobody likes applying this stuff to their armpits with their fingers . It doesn’t spread easily, which is hard because you’re only supposed to use a tiny amount.


If there was a way to make the formula easier to spread, that would be great. The packaging could feature an applicator for finger-free application. It’s also not clear how I’m supposed to properly recycle the tube when I’m done. Am I supposed to clean out before tossing in the bin (but it’s so small, could be hard to do that). Is the cap recyclable? Seems to small to be recycled.

2 years ago

I really like this brand. It reduces both smell and wetness. I can use it once every few days and have no smell and very little moisture. I like the compostable packaging and the quantity. One tube lasts me about 6 months. I tried a bunch of other "natural" deodorants and discovered I was reactive to the baking soda in most of them. Often when the same companies offered a baking-soda free version, it did absolutely nothing for me. I tried at least 10 different brands and this is the only one that has worked for me, and I'm glad that it works well, lasts forever, and can be composted.


I don't love the subscription model. I hate having one more email to respond to, or product to mentally track.

2 years ago

It worked perfectly for me. It is enough to use it once every two or three days.

2 years ago

I bought this as I wanted to try it out for a university project and it really did not work for me at all. And I usually don't have any issues with deodorants (organic or not). Great that they're eliminating plastic from their packaging!


It may have changed now, as I tried it a couple of years ago, but the product itself was not that great.

a year ago

Been using Nuud religiously for 2 years, love the packaging and find it works really well.


As is, it's perfect. Scents would be nice but I think that would defeat the purpose/mess with the formula. The only issue is my user error, I only have to use it about once a week and sometimes forget.

a year ago

Loved the idea, but didn't really work for me. It kept me dry, but I didn't smell great, and I definitely had to reapply within 3 days. I would recommend this as a first step for people who have serious sweat issues before applying another deodorant or for people who barely sweat.

a year ago

This worked for me. It did take a while for my body to get used to it, but I can't imagine using anything else. Before switching to nuud, I was already using aluminum-free deodorants—none that worked as well. It doesn't prevent you from sweating, but that's to be expected since this is a natural product, not an anti-persperant! What I liked: - scentless - packaging - didn't have to apply it daily - customer service - cruelty-free


I don't love that it's white, but that's a minor thing that won't stop me from using nuud. Shipping takes a while, but that's understandable since it's coming from Europe.