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Mezcla makes plant-based protein bars featuring unique flavors and artistic designs.

Mezcla Reviews

Mezcla reviews


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6 reviews

a month ago

Great for snacking, with a favorable protein ratio! In terms of sweetness and nutrition, they're akin to the quaker oats chewy bar, but with differentiated and "elevated" flavors and a superior puffed texture. I hope they can bring Mezcla into costco! Would definitely buy a multipack if it came down to about $1.50 per bar.

7 months ago

It's hard to find plant-based protein bars without a lot of the common allergens found in most. Mezcla provides a light, airy, crunchy bar made up of its pea protein-filled crisps (akin to a rice krispy treat), with nut butters and quinoa for an extra protein hit. In a variety of flavors, such as matcha vanilla, I highly recommend picking one up for a lighter protein fix.

a year ago

My favorite!! This is my go-to for a tasty snack between meals. The best part is the wide range of flavors they offer, which adds some excitement to my snacking routine. Oh, and the fact that they have vegan options is a huge plus for me!

a year ago

I have tried the 🍵🍵Matcha & Vanilla bar and the 🫐🫐Blueberry Maple bar. I'm not sure if I even want to write a review , so I can gatekeep how good these bars are. Mezcla bars are not a typical pressed-powder protein bar. They've got the texture of crunch puffed quinoa and are stuck together with an amazing layer of frosting on the bottom. The ten grams of protein is a plus since these bars are good enough to be eaten just as a healthy snack. BEYOND TASTY

a year ago

Bought from whole foods. Really tasty.


Bigger, cheaper, more protein. But those are always my asks. Its a good high quality bar.

7 months ago

I've tried all flavors (besides the new pistachio and almond butter ones) and these taste so good. I wish they had slightly more protein and were cheaper so i could buy more, but im willing to overlook all that for the taste. These are a great snack and I love the texture. The Canadian blueberry maple is delicious and the matcha is a very different flavor than typical bars!