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Lunar makes Asian-inspired hard seltzers from premium fruits and other quality ingredients.


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3 months ago

It was absolutely delicious! A subtle flavor that's not too sweet or too carbonated.

3 months ago

I personally love all of the flavors. I brought these to a party and a few friends didn't enjoy them much so keep that in mind. I liked them because of their mild flavors and they didn't feel sugary to me at all. I felt like I could drink a couple without being overwhelmed flavor-wise or like I'm consuming a bunch of sugar.

4 months ago

I tried the Yuzu flavor, and it was sooo good. I like this flavor better than the other because it's not sweet just very citrusy. Gave me a little buzz but was lightweight and tasty. I love that this company is asian american and supports AAPI. Lovely branding and design and a great company to support.

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3 months ago

Absolutely love the concept, story, and everything about this product! Tastes delicious and the packaging is super cute and appealing.

7 months ago

Found this at Trader Joes and it was an instant impulse buy. Hard seltzers are usually too artificially sweet, or not sweet enough- and this had a perfect balance. The Yuzu tasted citrusy without being too sweet, and has a touch of tart as well. Packaging is sleek and love what the brand stands for! Excited to try the other flavors.

10 months ago

The lychee flavor is so good! They mean it when they say the flavors are asian-inspired—more authentic than stereotypically “oriental”.

2 years ago

One of my favorite hard seltzer brands out there! The taste is spot on, Lychee is my favorite. There was no alcohol flavor that you may find in a White Claw or Truly hard seltzer. I'll be bringing this to many gatherings this summer.

2 years ago

Awesome flavors for a hard seltzer brand. Finally something that feels authentic, delicious, like the creators cared about the drinking experience. Lunar elevates the hard seltzer experience in a big way.


got nothing here. kudos to this brand.

10 months ago

My favorite Asian-inspired hard seltzer! Love the lychee flavor - it's delicious, light, and fruity without having that metallic aftertaste. I also really love the founders' story and mission to bring more Asian childhood flavors onto shelves. Really like the branding too.