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July creates sustainable longer-lasting luggage at a fraction of the traditional price, designed in Melbourne.



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7 days ago

Do not order! Luggage is very nice looking but they sent a faulty checked trunk luggage with bad locks and will not fix. Only had for a week and never used. No number to call only chat messages. Not good customer service.

8 days ago

This is not a good product. I guess my comment got filtered out so sharing this again. Here are the reasons it is not good: 1. The interior design has protuberances which reduce the space for how much you can pack. 2. If there is a bend (due to a few extra clothes) on the side of the snap on computer bag, the snap-on computer bag DOESN’T latch on and stay on. It will keep popping off! 3. The laptop bag is so limited in stretching that it doesn’t fit the laptop wire. If you try to fit it in the zipper snaps! Basically this is not a good design and a waste of money. 4. Be aware the 100 day return policy is bogus - you can only return it if you don’t use it!! Solagar, the other suitcase maker, let me try it for a trip and then we returned it without any issues. So now I have wasted $345 on this poorly made product. No refund!!! July please don’t filter these valuable comments and keep misinforming the public.

5 days ago

Judging by the reviews here, it would appear that: the promises made in warranty notices, customer service and product faults, do not make it a very pleasant shopping experience for the customer. If you don't ever use the product then you have some hope of compoensation...but that is not the point of buying this travel accessory!

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a month ago

The colours of these are absolutely amazing and the cases look and feel gorgeous. Love that they come with a portable charger for your phone (which is easy to store for carry on). However they don't wear well and get damaged quite easily.

4 months ago

I have had this carryon suitcase for 4 years now and it is in amazing shape. I love the sleek military-like design. lightweight enough to roll around the terminal.

4 months ago

Truly the best luggage I have ever owned. So sleek with amazing colors and easy to navigate through the airport.

3 months ago

Wheels melted (!) and broke off after 3 weeks of light usage. July unwilling to offer a replacement to my location. Lock and handle were both fiddly and difficult to use. Deeply disappointing. Update: replacement wheels were eventually shipped (2 instead of 4 for some reason). Installed as per direction, and then that wheel snapped off a week later.

2 months ago

I was initially impressed with the attractive colors, packaging, and overall presentation of July cases when I came across them online. Excited about the prospect of quality luggage, I purchased six cases for my family. Regrettably, my experience took a turn for the worse soon after taking them on our first flight when I discovered that three of the cases were damaged. Hoping for a resolution, I promptly contacted the July team via email, providing them with detailed information and accompanying photos of the damaged cases. Unfortunately, my experience with their customer service proved to be highly disappointing. Despite engaging in numerous back-and-forth exchanges, the team continuously requested additional information, including more photos and videos showcasing the condition of the zippers and handles. After enduring two extensive months of correspondence and diligently providing all the requested evidence, I was disheartened to receive a refund for only one of the damaged cases. This left me bewildered, as the representative in the refund email explicitly mentioned that "those," referring to the three cases, could not be resolved, and a refund under warranty would be processed. Such wording led me to believe that all three cases would be addressed. To my surprise, only one refund was issued. Seeking clarity, I reached out to the representative, Maddie, once again, despite having already shared all the necessary information. Maddie requested that I undergo the whole process of providing additional photos and information, causing further frustration and confusion. Reluctantly, I complied with the request, only to receive another disappointing response. The other two cases were deemed to have cosmetic damage that allegedly did not affect their functionality, rendering them ineligible for a refund. This decision left me frustrated, as all three cases were genuinely damaged and thus unable to be repaired or used. I feel compelled to caution others not to be deceived by the bright colors and impressive showroom presentations. What truly matters is the quality of the product, and unfortunately, July luggage failed to deliver on this front. Overall, my experience with July has been highly unsatisfactory, characterized by a lack of effective communication and inconsistent adherence to warranty terms. I cannot recommend their products based on my own disappointing encounter.

3 months ago

These bags are fabulous! They’re relatively light , beautiful , capacious and well constructed. I have the medium and the roller board in magenta with monogram ( which makes them even more unlikely to be mistaken for someone else’s.) Best of all is the attitude of the company. On their second suitcase journey, American Airlines managed to dent in a corner badly. They must have literally thrown it out of the plane and rolled over it with a truck, maybe the plane too. I remembered the warranty but did not have high expectations. July luggage replaced it completely and quickly and with great politeness and trust. They just wanted pictures and got me to send the damaged case back at their expense. It took me a while as I waited for the box that the new one came in and then went out of town. They never gave me a word of pressure- just the new suitcase with monogram. I am a fan for life. ( I cannot say the same for American Airlines. They just wanted to shove some heavy, non matching lesser suitcase at me. )

3 months ago

I am so frustrated with this incredibly awfully designed luggage. I never write reviews but feel compelled that someone else doesn’t go through what I’ve been through with this. I’ve been locked out of my suitcase twice now from the awful lock system on these things. Stranded in random places without access to any of my things. I’ve tried their ‘tips’ of running through every combination to find the right combo but it’s that the actual lock mechanisms broke after traveling three or four times with these things. I have the checked trunk. Absolutely apalled at the price vs quality, and they won’t let you return it.