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HighKey makes a range of popular snacks without the extra sugar and carbs.

HighKey Reviews

HighKey reviews


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49 reviews

2 months ago

I am a HUGE HighKey fan. I grew up eating Nilla Wafers with my family as a treat, but now that I'm getting older, I try to avoid the high sugar/high carb stuff. HighKey makes the only poduct that even remotely compares to the old Nilla Wafers I loved as a kid! Highly recommend :)

a month ago

As a sugar free snack, the cookies are just okay. You can definitely taste the artificial sugar, and it has a strange minty aftertaste that I didn’t like.

a year ago

I love these cookies - they're a real clutch snack when I need something with protein but can't bother with cooking.


It's a bit grainy in texture and I can't have too much of it in one go. I think for the price, there's not a lot in the package

a year ago

I've only tried the Snickerdoodle mini cookies but holy cow... they're so good. The right amount of soft, and they basically melt in your mouth. Like the mission, like the simple branding. Big supporter!