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Harry's sells quality men's grooming supplies including shave, body, face, and hair products that are honestly priced and made with integrity.



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24 days ago

I like the body care products that I’ve tried. Wish the skin care was fragrance free though. Fragrance is an irritant and does not belong on your face. Especially not after shaving.

23 days ago

i’ve used their men’s razor and loved it! super affordable cartridge replacements too. just wish it was more eco friendly.

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9 days ago

Cheaper than other razors. Giving it 1 star only because, I cut myself a couple times. And I think I had a reaction to the shaving foam gel since my skin is a little pink now. I'll just stick to my electric razor.

2 days ago

I have used so many different brands of razors which resulted in razor bumps or burn. I decided to try Harry’s after the last brand I purchased destroyed my skin. I’ve been using them for a month and I am beyond pleased with Harry’s razors. They leave my skin so smooth without cuts or bumps. As long as they don’t change their razors I am a customer for life.

Trial set

3 days ago

Best razor I’ve used yet great value for money with a trial set send 8 razors every 3 months can’t recommend them enough sturdy razors with even better blades five star

Trial set

4 months ago

Great razors, great prices, available at Shoppers Drug Mart now, so super convenient.

a month ago

As a man who likes to maintain a smooth bald head, I go through a lot of razors. Harry's razors make for a pleasant shaving experience.

3 months ago

Great razor. Lasts a while. Leaves my face feeling clean and not as if it was scraped. Easy to replace.