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Harry's sells quality men's grooming supplies including shave, body, face, and hair products that are honestly priced and made with integrity.

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Harry's Reviews

Harry's reviews

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85% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • High-quality shaving experience
  • Convenient subscription model
  • Eco-friendly minimalist packaging
  • Wide range of products
  • Slightly expensive blades
  • Inconsistent blade sharpness
  • Potential skin irritation
  • Subscription cancellation difficulties

Harry's is praised for its quality shaving experience, sustainable and minimalist packaging, and cost-effective subscription model. However, some users find the blades slightly more expensive and not as sharp as desired.

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220 reviews

6 days ago

Milk Bar’s packaged foods are decent but don’t quite capture the magic of visiting the shop in New York. The unique flavors and fresh textures that make the in-store experience so special just don’t translate as well to the packaged versions. While it’s great to have a taste of Milk Bar at home, it’s clear that nothing beats the original experience in NYC. If you have the chance, definitely visit the shop for the full, delicious experience.

3 months ago

I am actually really impressed with this brand, the cost, and the packaging/design. Definitely a subscription service in our home

2 months ago

Works pretty well, comes in a nice kit

4 months ago

I don’t know if I am the only one who experienced this but everytime I changed the razer to a new one, after Ishave my skin itched a lot! After using it at least twice the problem goes away and it does the job, but it’s always with a new razor blade.

5 months ago

Great blades and skin products. Husband and I both love them.

2 months ago

Meh. It was ok. The deodorant is good. As far as razors, I will stick with JOY.

6 months ago

There are 2 things about Harry’s that I’ve always loved: first, the smell is out of this world! In the beginning, I just wanted to bathe in the shaving cream because I loved it so much. I’ve been using Harry’s since it was only mail order. Cost is less than most blades and product is great

4 months ago

As someone who stress sweats, Harry's Extra-Strength Antiperspirant Stick is a godsend. Since finding this product at a Target five years ago, I have consistently repurchased it. I wore it at my wedding, during the bar exam, and to hot yoga. It has never let me down. If you're a woman like me or just want a fresh, clean scent, go for Stone. It's light and citrusy and definitely unisex. Truly a holy grail product.

5 months ago


Such a great gift for everybody. As long as someone wants to shave something, Harry’s is the way to go. It’s just so nice honestly and worth all the hype they get

5 months ago

My husband and I both have been using Harry’s razors for years. I find they work much better than most female razors and I love that they’re frequently available as Costco.

5 months ago

Per my husband, they are more about essentials, almost feels like they are the Gillette from 20 years ago, and are not the best ergonomically. They focus on the cost and convenience factor. So he's not a fan because he will pay more for all-around best quality.

6 months ago

I used Harry's razors and shaving cream for about half a year. Though the razor was nice, I couldn't see a super large difference between it and competitors at around the same price point. The shaving cream, though, was absolutely amazing. It is my go-to shaving cream because of how smooth it leaves my skin feeling.

4 months ago

Friends with Harry's

I’ve I heard of Harry’s but was reluctant to try it since I was happy with Gillette products. My wife had me try the trial set. Shaving cream was what I expected it to be but the smell was very refreshing. The razor is the big deal. Great shave with no pulling off hairs. Worked well edging my beard. Literally half the price of the top competition- great find. After shave was calming and left my skin soft and not oily.