Dagne Dover

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Dagne Dover creates a variety of simple and durable bags that support a convenient, modern lifestyle.

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Dagne Dover Reviews

Dagne Dover reviews

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5 months ago

I've been a customer of Dagne Dover since 2016. The brand had me hooked when press covered the owners who developed the company after perpetually being disappointed in the mainstream luxury bag brands that are so popular but often fall flat with performance, practicality, and quality. The first item I bought was a black, pebble leather card wallet that can fit 7+ cards and has a magnetic closure. I was passing their pop-up in New York and had to go in and check it out. It's so sleek and compact and even when I look to replace it with something new, nothing on the market compares. It also fits in every bag I have—even the tiny arena-sized bags for concerts and games. I've also been super happy with their neoprene backpacks and duffles—I have two of each. I use them for travel, work, and the gym. The black backpack and duffle have been seized by my husband, so I had to replace them. I love the colorways they have and how the items are offered in a range of sizes, colors, and the sales are phenomenal. I'm a fan for life and am so proud that they are sold in Nordstrom and other retailers now.

backpackcard walletlandon carryall

3 months ago

I’m obsessed with my diaper bag! So many pockets and compartments to hold things and be organized! I feel like it’s also cool enough to use long term for travel, etc. I really want to try the tokyo turnkey! Looks gorgeous!

Diaper bag medium, Olive

4 months ago

I LOVE some of the products but I have seen a lot of bubbling with the neoprene bags that are posted on Poshmark and Mercari. I want to like that style of bag but with the price point of each item, it is not appealing to see so many of the same issues with that material. I love the mina toiletry bag. I have three of them. They have a really cool Velcro partition you can put into the bag that definitely helps keep things organized. I use them for my makeup brushes. I have bought two of the Nova sling bags because of how they look. I can't seem to fit all of my stuff into them so either they are too small for me or I carry too much stuff. I'll say it's a me thing. I was introduced to this brand by a YT influencer that I really like. We have different styles so I didn't buy what she liked, however she did introduce me to the brand. I like the quality, the amount of pockets and storage, and the unique look of the products. There are a lot of choices too. I will stay away from the bags that are made out of the neoprene but other than that, I will definitely continue buying DD bags.


5 months ago

i own their medium size daily tote, and it’s been 2.5 years since i got it. it’s held up well despite me traveling with it and carrying it around every week. there are a ton of organizational pockets, including specific ones for tablets, laptops, pens, keychain holder, and water bottles. as someone who used to be that kid that threw papers into their backpack instead of a folder, this bag has been life changing. looking forward to getting another color or design!

medium daily tote

3 months ago

We have the diaper bag and love all of the compartments and elements included. I do wish that these were machine washable though. The lighter colored neoprenes definitely can get stained and even look dirty by water marks alone.

2 months ago

I have a navy weekender and I love it so much! I'm always tempted to get more from Dagne Dover. I use it all the time for weekend trips, and also for world travel!


3 months ago

Got my boyfriend a gym bag and it works really well for him and it is very durable! Nice dark navy blue color.

medium daily tote

5 months ago

Obsessed with my carryall. I've had it for about 7 years, and it's been a go to for me daily. I primarily use my medium size as a gym bag, and it's the perfect size to fit post gym clothes, a sweatshirt, a makeup/toiletry bag, extra pair of shoes, laptop, a small lunch, water bottle, and it has a pocket for random small things (wallet, chapstick). This brand thought of everything and created such a thoughtfully designed bag.

landon carryall

6 months ago

Love this brand and their cute scuba material bags! I’ve had one for a few years, the foam started to come out of the handles and normally it would be past any warranty period but I just tried to send some photos and they said this was very abnormal and since the damage is so severe they will give me a new bag!! They are a company that stands behind their products. Have used this bag daily for years and still looks great.

5 months ago

These products have been designed meticulously. I have several bags, including the backpack, duffel and fanny pack. They have nailed every feature (including a hidden spot for your keys) and are machine-washable.