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Canopy makes a line of reimagined household devices that optimize the home for beauty and wellness.


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2 months ago

I absolutely love my Canopy humidifier. It looks great and works well. The sensors keep moisture levels in check day and night, preventing mold. It's easy to clean in the dishwasher. I love that you can also use essential oils with the included pucks. The only downside is the cost of filters and aroma packs. They should sell the pucks separately. Despite that, I'm happy with the humidifier and recommend it!

a month ago

Sleek, simple humidifier that I keep at my bedside. I like its minimalist design. No fancy features. Probably a little expensive given its simple function, but since I'm looking at it daily on my nightstand, it was worth it for me.

a month ago

I love my canopy. The fact that you can put it in the dishwasher is a game changer. I also am set up on auto orders for new filters which is helpful so that it never gets gross.

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a month ago

I love my Canopy Humidifier. It has an aesthetic look to an everyday essential item. The product is easy to use and refill. I am not usually a scent person but I tried the drops it came with to make it a defuser and they smelled really good and were subtle. I like that it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

2 months ago

Great product. I love this for my bedroom and it is great for my skin. I find it so easy to clean and easiest humidifier I have had to upkeep. I world recommend to anyone I know.

4 months ago

I love my little humidifier. It’s the perfect size for my bedroom. I basically ran this 24/7 during the winter and it saved my sinuses. It’s super cute and I love that the filter is on a subscription so I never have to think about replacing the filter. The oils also smell lovely!

a month ago

Love our Canopy humidifier in our small apartment. The cool air actually helps to cool our apartment on a hot day. The subscription for the filters is amazing, without it I honesty would never change the filter. Not a huge fan of their oil and scents, honesty not worth it

2 months ago

Love the product in general and that you don’t need filtered water. Also really like the scent addition option. One downside is that they don’t sell replacement scent pucks so that you can use your own oils or use what’s left after the puck stops absorbing/dispersing scent.

5 months ago

This brand really nails it. The Humidifier I got is both functional and beautiful. To top it off, their customer service has been nothing short of amazing. I got my first one in 2020 and it's still working perfectly. I also have their diffuser and it's so worth it! My house smells amazing whenever I walk in.


I just wish it was smaller. But, that's just something on me and my small side tables. hehe

a month ago

Love it! Has made such a different in my skin!