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A reimagined humidifier that promotes healthy glowing skin without the hassles of traditional humidifiers. Built by Doris Dev

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October 2020
New York, US
Justin Seidenfeld
Lucas Lappe
Eric Neher
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Innovative productWorth the money 💸Easy subscription management 🔁Fun unboxing 📦Works really well
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💰Invested in Canopy

Why weren't humidifiers always like this? It seems like a no-brainer. But this is hands down the easiest humidifier to use and maintain. The aroma boosts make so much sense and really help to elevate the overall experience.


Homekit Compatibility

Lovely customer supportInnovative productWorth the money 💸Easy subscription management 🔁Works really well
4 months ago

Love how quiet this humidifier is and how I can change out the scents in the diffuser add-in!


Wish the replacement filters weren't so expensive.

5 months ago

Love this humidifier so much! I have *a lot* of tropical plants and keep a humidifier running 24/7 to keep them happy. I’ve tried at least 5 different humidifiers before canopy, and I have to admit, I was apprehensive about canopy due to the lower capacity (meaning I’ll have to refill it more often). But this thing is SO easy to refill, it just sits flat in your sink. The smart censor technology is awesome, adjusting intensity based on my apartments needs. The top diffuser pucks are super cute too.


Nothing I can think of!

Innovative productCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Easy subscription management 🔁Fun unboxing 📦Works really wellAmazing websiteEco-friendly packaging
5 months ago