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BaubleBar creates affordable fashion jewelry and home decor.

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BaubleBar Reviews


BaubleBar is a really fun brand! Their pieces are great for special occasions and adding some ~flair~ to your look.

25 days ago

For the price, I think BaubleBar has some of the best jewelry! As long as you take off when going in water, I've found my piece to last a while and still look great.

Good for gifts 🎁Worth the money 💸Everyday wearComfortable
2 months ago

Really on trend products with a lot of variety. I love the casetify collaboration and loved my phone case that was super durable yet stylish.


Higher quality for the jewelry.

Good for gifts 🎁Cool look & feelWorth the money 💸Fun unboxing 📦
3 months ago

I used to buy a lot of Baublebar. The price point was great, and I loved the range of designs.


However, as I started buying their fine jewelry line, I noticed they really missed the mark: I have a pair of gold vermeil/sterling silver based earrings from them. The gold vermeil has completely come off within a few months of daily wear, and I mean COMPLETLY. I understand there would be tarnish if I'm wearing it daily, but I did not anticipate (and not happy with) the fact that these are now completely silver earrings because all the gold came off.

4 months ago

If you are looking for trendy jewelry to try out… this place has a lot of assortment. I typically stick to fine jewelry and classic styles, but for occasions like vacation or weddings I sometimes look to BaubleBar for a fun earring. Just don’t expect it to be high quality.

Everyday wear
5 months ago

Love their jewelry if you are looking for statement pieces. Very fun and decent quality. However, I wouldn't wear it in the shower or when I am applying lotion.

Good for gifts 🎁Special occasion 💃
9 months ago

BaubleBar is super solid and has lots of fun styles. The price reflects the quality though so don't be surprised! A great go-to for wedding jewelry or something fun. I am a fan.

Cool look & feelWorth the money 💸
Natalie Sportelli's review of BaubleBar
10 months ago

Nice designs for fun! Perfect for the cool young kids to wear for a few weeks or months.


You wouldn't expect the quality to be great. You can't zoom in to look at the details, you also don't want to wear them for too long.

10 months ago

BaubleBar is a reliable site to visit for off-the-moment, in-style jewlery that won't break the bank. Most pieces come in multiple colors, which makes them versatile and helpful for building up a flexible rotation of jewelry.


The pieces tend to tarnish or degrade after a season or two of wear. I don't expect the majority of pieces to last long term.

Good for gifts 🎁Everyday wear
a year ago