Are all electrolyte brands the same? I tried 7 brands to find out.

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The following electrolyte brands claim to enhance hydration and overall well-being. (Photo: Geoff S)


Which products did you buy for each brand?

I have been using products like this for almost two years. There are many to choose from and in terms of quality, they are anywhere from average to great.

Purchased: Nuun Sport Hydration, Cure, Ghost, Waterboy, Prime, Celsius, Liquid IV. In each case, I bought the single-serve hydration powder packets. Nuun is the only exception as they come in tablet form.

How much did each product cost?

Prices vary between $7-$30 depending on how many you buy in the pack, where you buy them, and the brand.

Where did you buy each product from?

These items are widely available now. I have purchased them from Amazon, Target, CVS, and various retailer websites.

📝 Top flavor picks by brand

👀 How do the brands compare nutritionally?


How did you discover these electrolyte brands?

I received a sample pack of Liquid IV in a GQ "best stuff" box last year and I liked it. I began trying their flavors and then learned of other brands through in-store shopping, targeted ads, and research.

Why do you use electrolyte supplements?

I use them for hydration and post-exercise recovery. They work extremely well for me after trips to the pool or beach.

Do you prefer electrolyte powders, tablets, or sports drinks?

The powder into water is my preferred delivery method.

Did you read any Thingtesting electrolyte reviews before making your purchases?

I did not as I had tried almost every brand prior to becoming a Thingtester.

Liquid I.V. is currently the most reviewed electrolyte brand on Thingtesting. Would you recommend Liquid I.V. to a friend? Why or why not?

I would recommend Liquid IV because of the variety of flavors and its effectiveness. If the added sugar is a concern, their sugar-free offerings are equally as effective and flavorful. My recommendation is to be aware of the prices. They can get very expensive at the grocery store or drug store unless you have a coupon.

Have you used other electrolyte drink mixes such as Waterboy, Ultima, Propel, etc.?

Waterboy is outstanding!

Did any social media influencers or platforms, such as TikTok, influence your purchase?


Any affiliation with any of these brands?

No affiliation, just the love of trying new things and the love of being hydrated.


What made you want to try each electrolyte brand?

Curiosity. I am willing to try new brands based on their offering, reputation, and flavors.

Did one brand stand out among the others in terms of taste?

Ghost is lightyears ahead of the competition. I was amazed at how quickly their hydration packets work and how additionally hydrated I feel after using them - this is especially apparent after laborious mornings in the yard or long afternoons at a pool or a beach.

Waterboy and Prime are the runners-up. I have only used Waterboy’s recovery packets, and for something that acts medicinal, the taste is outstanding in any flavor and the relief is fast-acting. Prime’s array of flavors mirrors the sports drinks and they too are fast-acting and effective.

See the table above for flavor preferences.

Did you notice any improvements in hydration after using these drink mixes/tablets?

Yes - especially in the summer or after swimming.

Overall, did these products meet or exceed your expectations? If not, why so?

I have been an 8-glass-a-day water drinker for most of my adult life. I was leery of the “benefits” of these hydration packets, but have come to enjoy them as I have found the hydration effect to work for me - and sometimes it is fun to just flavor my water. I have been buying a lot of them in the last year and a half and will continue to do so as well as try new flavors as well as new brands.

Share your feedback. What would you change or what could use improvement?

I would make it very clear that these benefits are likely subjective and try to steer clear of making any overly bold health claims. I also would make it very clear that you really have to clean the cup or bottle after usage because the residue can get harder to clean after several uses if not properly cared for.

🏆 Best Electrolyte Brand Overall

Ghost Lifestyle



Favorite Flavor

Blue Raspberry

TLDR - Why is this the best electrolyte brand?

It's like drinking an Icee that is good for you.

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