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Prime sells a sports drink focused on maximum hydration created by boxers KSI and Logan Paul.

Prime Reviews

Prime reviews


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Reviews mention

  • Tasty variety of flavors
  • Effective hydration properties
  • Appealing to children
  • Positive body effects observed
  • Overly sweet taste
  • High price point
  • Unsustainable packaging
  • Odd aftertaste noted

Prime is a hydration drink that offers both strengths and weaknesses. It is hailed for its variety of tasty flavors and effective hydration properties. However, it has been criticized for its over sweetness, high price point, and lacking sustainability in its packaging. Some consumers also reported an odd aftertaste, and unappealing design.

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42 reviews

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22 days ago

It's ok, not worth the hype. The taste is just ok. Nothing special.

prime prime hydration Hydration packets

3 days ago

I got the bomb pop prime. It tastes good, but has the after taste of energy drinks. I personally don’t like the aftertaste. I paid $60 for a case to be shipped because of all the hype… months later I have almost a whole case just sitting. So obviously some people like it, it just isn’t for me.

prime prime hydration Bomb pop

12 days ago

Super sweet hydration drink that appears to have crack like effects on my children.

prime hydration

4 months ago

I picked up two bottle of Prime on sale in the grocery store today. So far I tried the Strawberry Watermelon prime hydration flavor. It's not bad for a coconut water-based electrolyte drink but the first few sips had an odd aftertaste but I didn't mind it after a while and finished the bottle. Not too bad but I don't know if I would buy it again.

prime hydration

4 months ago

A celebrity drink has no business actually being this good. I am shocked at how Prime’s hydration drinks and hydration packets are as effective and tasty as they are. I have no plans to try the energy drink, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were drinkable too. Blue raspberry, lemon lime, lemonade, ice pop, glow berry, and meta moon are outstanding drink options. The hydration packets i have really enjoyed are ice pop, blue raspberry, lemonade, and strawberry.

prime prime hydration Hydration packets

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Are all electrolyte brands the same? I tried 7 brands to find out.

6 months ago

The blue flavor is really bad tasting. But the pink one was okay. I like the packaging. But the drinks aren’t very good.

2 months ago

Was really desperate for caffeine and it was the only energy drink available at the corner store…. It’s an energy drink for middle schoolers (evident by their spokesmen and branding!) Really nothing special and the taste left a lot to be desired. Better off with redbull

3 months ago

I've only tried the Ice Pop flavour, it was sweet but not too overpoweringly sweet. Wouldn't be my first choice of drink, but it was nice for a non-fizzy hydration boost.

prime hydration

a month ago

I loved prime! I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did as hydration drinks tend to be icky flavor wise. But I purchased their powders and I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor! I have to admit I probably diluted them way more than what the label said to do...but no icky flavor and that is hard to find. Also - when drinking it I did notice a difference in my body, I had it continuously for a month and I did notice my hydration levels being where they needed to be.

Hydration packets

2 months ago

Despite branding that might suggest otherwise, the ingredients behind it are actually not bad. As far as the 3 main electrolytes go (potassium, magnesium, sodium) it has decent amounts of potassium. Sodium and Magnesium quantities are low however so if you're looking replenish the latter, you're better off with another electrolyte-based beverage. In Canada, Organika electrolytes does a good job. In the US, LMNT is a better formulation. The main thing PRIME has going for it is taste. I tried them all and Red and Blue are my favorites. Nice clean taste, with no sour aftertaste like Gatorade. Cheers!