Liquid I.V.

4.1 2,314 Reviews

Liquid I.V. sells drink mixes for any occasion that are packed with electrolytes.

Liquid I.V. Reviews

Liquid I.V. reviews


81% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Effective hydration booster
  • Wide variety of flavors
  • Convenient single-serve packets
  • Useful for hangovers, workouts
  • High sugar content
  • Perceived artificial taste
  • Considered expensive
  • High sodium content

Liquid I.V. is a highly-valued hydration brand, praised for its effectiveness, variety of flavors, and convenience, especially in workouts, hangovers, and hot climates. However, it's criticized for its sugary and sometimes artificial taste, high sodium content, and its price.

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2,314 reviews

16 days ago

I like that Liquid I.V. comes in such easy, on the go packaging, and it definitely helps after an intense workout. My only issue with the product is the taste, it's just a bit sugary and tastes a little off.

18 days ago

Liquid IV lemon lime is my favorite way to get my electrolytes in. The packets are so convent I pack them in my bag when I travel and drink after tough workouts to replenish myself. It mixes well with water and does not clump up.

a day ago

I recommend this product to my friends and family for proper hydration in pregnancy and also before and after a long night out.

6 days ago

I absolutely live on Liquid I.V.s, especially with my on-the-go lifestyle and constant traveling. These hydration multipliers are a game-changer, providing a quick and effective way to stay hydrated. The convenience of the packets makes them easy to carry and use anywhere. The variety of flavors is great, with Passion Fruit being my personal favorite. They actually taste good while delivering essential electrolytes and vitamins. Whether I’m flying, hitting the gym, or just need a pick-me-up, Liquid I.V. keeps me feeling refreshed and energized. Highly recommend for anyone needing reliable hydration on the move.

24 days ago

The lemon lime flavor helps when I’m doing intermittent fasting and need some electrolytes and hydration. Definitely helps and only 1 packet every now and then is necessary.

a day ago

These saved my life when I had a terrible case of Flu A. The hydration is what I needed but with amazing flavor. My only complaint is I wish there were more sugar free flavors!

17 days ago

Has a lot of sugar but the flavors are good.

a month ago

The perfect hangover cure!! This stuff has saved me from some serious not feeling well moments

a month ago

Pina Colada is my favorite flavor of Liquid IV, with Yuzu pineapple energy multiplier coming in a close 2nd. I love coconut and was looking for a way to stay hydrated without forcing myself to drink flavorless water that I didn't want to drink. I know that liquid IV actually works because I had to get blood drawn and they couldn't get it because I was too dehydrated. So I went and got a bottle of water, mixed my packet in and was able to drink it very quickly because it tastes so good. 1 hour later they were able to draw, no problem!

3 days ago

Let’s just say if you plan on having a day or night of multiple drinks, Liquid IV needs to be your BFF. The very first time I had liquid IV was the day of my wedding,unfortunately I was extremely hungover and didn’t think I was gonna make it down the aisle. A friend brought me some and shortly after two bottles worth,I was a whole new person! They are good just to have on hand for some Extra hydration as well!

9 days ago

Received a free product from Liquid I.V.

Really good and really tasty, but they also have a lot of sodium. I understand that when one sweats excessively that there is a loss of salts and electrolytes, and these drink mixes replenish those losses most effectively, but my problem is that I have heart failure and must limit salt. Other than that, these mixes come in several delicious flavors and they do hydrate one well. A great feature is that the tube of mix can be thrown into a gym bag or purse easily, so no taking up a lot of room or carrying a heavy bottle around. How convenient!

23 days ago

I like the concept behind the liquid iv and love to have these in my car and purse. They definitely help with hydration but I wish they had better flavors. The strawberry one is my least favorite but overall I do enjoy these.

23 days ago

Tried Liquid I.V. for the first time. Not too bad. I tried the Strawberry. Not overpowering with a sour strawberry. It is like a creamy strawberry taste. Mixes nicely into 40oz of water, and has no color just taste. Gives a nice boost to a busy day or after a workout

6 months ago

I love this brand because it offers a way to help me to stay hydrated while having a great-tasting drink. I like that the brand offers multiple different types such as a variation that adds immunity support. These are pretty expensive, but I think it's worth it because these always work.

3 months ago

I love the flavor of these honestly (even though most people think they’re too sweet) but all the additives make these a no-go in our home as we try to be more health conscious.

4 months ago

Liquid IV always makes me feel better. I enjoy all of the flavors and it encourages me to drink more water.

5 months ago

Love this and it’s fun to pack for a weekend that I know I’ll be drinking. The reason I’m giving it a lower rating is because of the sugar content - I got my grandpa a pack of these and he had to stop using them because of the sugar levels.

3 months ago

Love all the flavors, great for workouts, hangovers, and when feeling under the weather. We have a box at the hand of one of the flavors at all times.