Yiayia and Friends

Yiayia and Friends re-imagines high quality food products and culinary design objects by revisiting traditional Greek roots.

Ships to
Europe, U.K., U.S., South korea, Australia, Japan
March 2017
December 2019
Crete, Greece
Beetroot design agency
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About Yiayia and Friends
Yiayia and friends is a multi-faceted gastronomy-related project that reimagines and reintroduces superior quality food products, culinary objects, and epicurean artefacts of yesteryear. At the heart of the design project, “Yiayia” (granny in Greek) is glorified in a key storyline as an all-powerful, all-knowing, but also down-to-earth character. Through her and her friends from both the human and animal kingdoms, the arts of growing, cooking, and sharing food together along with everything associated with these activities are remembered, reinterpreted, and redesigned for new generations. The vibrant characters, illustrated in bright, solid colors and closed shapes, share the same eyes – a visual element that doubles as a “silent” logo across the project – and interlock with each other and with their environment in a visual representation of the connection of humankind with nature, agriculture, produce and creation. This is a story about Yiayia. A Greek granny joined by her animal friends spreads the message of family values through food-related stories and experiences conceptualized with a fresh perspective and a sense of humor.
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Yiayia and Friends

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