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Wildist makes natural toothpaste and deodorant designed to be gentle, poison-free, and recyclable.


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3 months ago

The packaging is spot on :)) The prettiest toothpaste that I ever had. It is poison-free and recyclable so why not?

5 months ago

I have tested the toothpaste. Ultimately it was not that effective as I was using it 2x and got cavities that my dentist insisted I switch. As far as the mission and packaging I like it.

2 years ago

I purchased the AM/PM set a while ago thinking that I would go a little extra and switch up from my one toothpaste routine. I absolutely fell in love with the PM toothpaste, Dreamomile. It's perfect for right before bed and doesn't feel overly minty. I'm not a major fan of the AM toothpaste, Brillimint though. I love the feel and the toothpaste, but the mint doesn't stay as long as I'd like it to. I love overly minty toothpaste, but if you're someone who doesn't really enjoy that, you'll love it.


I'd love to see Wildist come out with a floss!

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2 years ago

I tried the natural deodorant, which had a nice texture and great packaging, but unfortunately didn't work for me. Very strong citrus / orange smells. Personally, not a fan.

2 years ago

I use the 'all day' and 'nighttime' toothpaste and they are great. I like the all-natural ingredients.