Wandering Bear

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Wandering Bear makes a variety of extra strong, organic coffee such as cold brew boxes, k-cup pods, and coffee grounds.

Wandering Bear Reviews

Wandering Bear reviews


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5 reviews

6 months ago

Huge fan of Wandering Bear. Their cold brew boxes are so worth it. Their coffee tastes awesome and lasts for a really long time in the fridge. It's a great option for small teams that work out of an office, if you're hosting a party, or if you just want to keep cold brew "on tap" in your fridge. I haven't tried any of their flavored coffees, just the normal one, but I definitely recommend it if you like cold brew!

2 years ago

The cold brew is so good! Smooth and chocolatey. Not at all acidic. Love that it’s ready to drink right out of the container, no mixing with water/figuring out the right proportions

a year ago

I love coffee and the fact that I can get it delivered it amazing! The k pods and the cold brew was amazing. They also have a bunch of different flavors so I was sold. Definitely worth a try!

2 years ago

I like the flavor of their cold brew; super smooth, but I don't LOVE the flavor of their cold brew. I also just got to a point where I couldn't justify the cost given my daily coffee consumption. It's a great option for folks who just like a really good cup of joe from time to time, and if you head to coffee shops on the daily, it'll provide cost savings to you. I'm just a 'make it and drink it at home' gal, so this is more of a sometimes splurge for me. That said, I've gone back to it a couple of times.


Nothing at all wrong with the product, price is a little high, but I'm sure a lot of it has to do with shipping. I like the way it's packaged and dispensed. Different-shaped boxes with slightly different volumes might be a cool thing to test to see what lands for customers. I also love the quirky marketing.