Verb Products

4.2 79 Reviews

Verb Products makes high-quality hair products without parabens or sulfates.

Verb Products Reviews

Verb Products reviews


78% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Provides strong, glossy hair
  • Diverse range of products
  • Ghost line is high-quality
  • Affordable pricing for products
  • Heavy on hair for some
  • Strong, chemical-like scents
  • Inconsistent results across users
  • Some products cause dryness

Verb Products have been praised for their effectiveness in providing strong, glossy hair and their diverse range of products suitable for various hair conditions and styles. Notably, the Ghost line has been mentioned positively for its quality. However, some customers felt that the products were heavy on their hair and the scents were strong and chemical-like. There were also mentions of the products not delivering the expected results, specifically the shampoo and conditioner making the hair dry and frizzy.

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79 reviews

3 months ago

Don’t hate me! I recognize this line is loved but I don’t get it! I don’t feel like their products work that well. My mom always tries to get me to get it for her (her hair stylist pushes it) but I steer her towards other lines and brands!

6 months ago

My hair stylist recommended the purple shampoo/conditioner and I love them. So great for the price, a nice staple and great for the price. I still like trying other products and switching it up but they're great staples.

5 months ago

I had really high hopes for this product as it sounded like it would be a good fit for my type of hair but unfortunately it did not deliver! I tried the curl shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks and did not notice a positive impact. It made my curls dry and frizzy which made it hard to style. Overall, my experience was not great.

6 months ago

i was a skeptic. i really was. but i’ve tried the glossy conditioner, glossy heat protectant, volume spray, texture spray, and ghost oil, and Verb is now my new favorite hair care brand. basically everything is $20 which is lovely, as i hate trying to remember different prices of high end hair products (the math stresses me out lol). the smell is clean and not overpowering at all, so if youre sensitive to that you dont have to worry! tip: use the ghost oil on damp hair BEFORE blowing it dry. i used it only on dry hair before and didn’t see the hype, but now i understand. it makes my hair so shiny and soft!!

4 months ago

Beauty box

It is literally nothing for my hair I've tried it twice now the mask and protection spray. I have dark color treated hair that I take care of masks so it's cared for. Yet this almost made it feel like it needed some love after.

5 months ago

Not worth the price tag. The smell is more pleasant than mosts but the results aren’t as high quality as Davines or Kevin

5 months ago

Love their shampoo and conditioner. My hair is strong and easy to style.

5 months ago

I absolutely love the VERB tone + detangle+condition+refresh PURPLE Leave-in Mist. I have dark brown hair with peekaboo blonde and this works great for refreshing my blonde!

6 months ago

I don’t know if it’s just me but the scents are a little strong and chemical-y for me. My hair didn’t feel as hydrated as other brands and I was a little disappointed. Ghost oil has little to no effect on my hair

3 months ago

Luxury with the huge price tag.

2 years ago

The Ghost line in the best! I've been using Verb's Ghost products for years now and cannot get enough of them. The Ghost Oil and Ghost Prep are two products that I have never phased out of my routine as they are both too good at what they do! They smell amazing and have stellar benefits from heat protection to healthy shine and maintence. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair while using Ghost products, I could never switch away from them.

7 months ago

I tried the Ghost hair oil, and I liked it, but I felt it didn't do much more for my hair than my mainstay products usually do. Left my hair feeling glossy and smooth.

8 months ago

Tried the shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair for a week after my Mom raved about this brand. My experience was not great, it actually left my hair feeling heavy and and not clean—both when it was wet and dried. My Mom has very course heavily color-treated hair and my hair is more medium thickness and just has highlights. I would give their hair mask a try, but the shampoo and condition didn't work and I even didn't like the texture of the product because it felt too thin.

a year ago

I have purchased a kit with the ghost shampoo, conditioner, and oil. It came with a hair brush that I loved to use for blow outs but did not hold up well over time. The products were fine for the price point but I ultimately found better ones that worked for my hair. I would still find that my scalp was piling after a shampoo and needed to change.

3 years ago

I've been really impressed with all the Verb products I've tried for the price they are. Super affordable for some really high-quality feeling and effective products. Wouldn't normally use something like their ghost oil but they've really just nailed the product and it just works and feels great. Verb is definitely a brand I would be confident to try new products when I'm looking.

2 years ago

I do like this is a fairly affordable brand with cleaner ingredients than regular hair care products. It was the first ''clean'' hair care brand I started using, but I've since then discover way cleaner brands than Verb.

3 years ago

I love the fact that this is a relatively affordable snd clean brand. Their ghost oil is fantastic and is my go-to in the summer. I haven't been blown away by any of their other products.


Other than the ghost oil being the right amount of hydrating without being oily, I haven't been impressed with anything else in this line to date.

a year ago

Hit or miss for me. The products that I love are excellent. Ghost Oil is a must have... light weight , just smoothes it all out Hydrating Mask is excellent, really makes hair feel soft. Any of the repair line of product left my hair feeling like straw.