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The Rounds delivers sustainable staples to your door to refill all household, pantry, and personal care essentials.


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3 months ago

I’ve been using The Rounds in Philly for going on two years now! Pros - customer service is superb; they’re efficient at responding (and do so via text!) and are quick to replace something or offer a refund if something is missing - sustainability is truly at their core - service is convenient for smaller households, I get (close to) the environmental and monetary benefits of buying in bulk without having to do so all at once and store the items - things are generally dropped off on time in the requested location, it’s overall quite dependable! Cons - their selection is slowly expanding, but there are definitely still items that are obviously missing or desired (would love to see hand sanitizer!) - if something goes out of stock, they often don’t tell you until it’s too late to order something similar. I ran out of hand soap because they were out of my chosen scent and just didn’t include any instead of just sending me unscented - $10/month can be a bit of a high fee if you don’t use a ton of items. I’d love to see an option for every other week at a reduced fee! - some items also feel a bit expensive without being particularly “fancier” or more sustainable (basics like pasta or cereal have seemed a bit high to me versus prices for a similar product)

3 months ago


Very intuitive and reliable. The customer service is great. I recommend their services to all my friends. Erin was so helpful.

a year ago

I love the Rounds! The platform and service is super intuitive. The selection for household items is really solid, and given the fact that they're limited to shelf stable products, there's a good amount of selection on the pantry side of things. They deliver weekly and deliver quantities that are typically to be used within the week (depending on the product of course).


I wish there were more options on the pantry side, along with the option for sizes, because not all use cases are created equal.

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a year ago

The Rounds is consistently good, and have a decent offering - I signed up when they first opened in my city, and they've gotten better over time. That said, sometimes the prices are a little high for what you're actually getting, and several items are not zero-waste, but are just what you'd get in a store re-packaged. In the beginning - I've used them for several months now, on and off - they did have some small issues with missing or replaced items, but it's not consistently what you ordered in your bag. They also in the beginning would deliver it to different places in my building (outside, front desk, my actual door) as they have their own delivery providers, which made it hard to have the empty packages where they needed to be to be picked up and returned - this has also very much improved.


There are small issues that have seemingly been improving with time around delivery, offerings/selections, and actual zero-waste items. These are improving. The pricing could also be improved, but hasn't seemingly changed at all.

a year ago

Tried The Rounds in DC but have not succeeded in integrating it into my routine, and don't have an active subscription anymore. Pros: -They really mean it on the sustainability! Their entire supply chain and every product is distributed in the most sustainable possible way. -Easy to select what you want -Pricing feels fair Cons: -Quantities are a little hard to understand and are really designed for consumption over 1-2 weeks. As someone who likes to buy in bulk and be stocked, it left me feeling like I needed to time re-ups really well to avoid running out of staples -Quantities make a LOT of sense for someone living alone/ordering only for oneself. As a household of 2, it already felt like we needed oddly high volumes of a number of items -Pickup and delivery feels like it's optimized for large apartment buildings, but for small multi-units or SFHs, the tote bags are exposed to all the elements and the neighbors on either end (similarly to any package delivery/pickup, I suppose)

a year ago

Friends with The Rounds

I subscribed to The Rounds in their very early days (when they were formerly called Mlkmn) when I lived in Philly. At the time, they offered household basics with super convenient at-home delivery, and easy pickup of containers once you were done with items. I LOVED the brand's mission and ability to balance convenience with guilt-free consumption of goods that I usually buy in mass (unnecessarily) from big box stores. Hoping they make their way to NYC soon so I can subscribe again!

a year ago

I subscribed to The Rounds about a month ago, and I have had a really good experience! Everything comes on time, and their mission is great. The quantities for products are honestly perfect for someone living alone, and their prices are cheap. The website is easy to use and everything is very customizable.

8 months ago

I received emails from building and joined. But dont get a choice items to be sent.


When I got bagels and dog green bones which I don’t like tried interacting with the rounds. Items are small portions good quality and delivery is okay. The reps I spoke to only explain delivery is free for two weeks and not that items are pre chosen. Online it doesn’t allow switching items. You can’t get hold of anyone until after first delivery. It takes too many texts and time so I ended cancelling. I may restart if items of choice can be selected.