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Sunscoop makes plant-based, sugar-free ice cream that is allergen-friendly and made with eight kinds of superfoods.

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5 months ago

I am a sucker for icecream. I bought the 'sundrops' last month. I had kept seeing them when I passed the icecream aisle but it was hard to justify the price. I caved. They were okay, I was expecting them to taste more decadent. The outer choclate shell is very thin and the icecream inside was a bit icy and not as creamy as I expected. I had the cookie whoa flavor. 🍪🍪🥲

8 months ago

I want this to be better than it is! I’ve tried 2 or 3 pints, and they’ve all been too icy. I’ve finished them, but the flavors also seem a bit watered down from all the ice. It’s definitely missing the creaminess I’ve had in even other non-dairy ice creams.


Improving the consistency to limit ice and separation and iciness

2 years ago

I go thru a pint of the Dark Cacao with Reishi per week. It is so decadent and a great frozen treat for anyone who is dairy free. It is fairly pricey but it's made with high-quality ingredients which makes it kinda worth it. Customer service is also very friendly and responsive.


Quality can sometimes be inconsistent. There was a period when the brown rice syrup sunk to the bottom of the pink and crystalized which made the last 2 inches of the pint inedible. I raised this issue to customer service and they were super responsive and even sent me a few coupons.

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2 years ago

It was pretty good. Not too sweet, not too bland. I could tell it was dairy-free. Was missing that element, though still relatively creamy.


It didn't seem to keep well in my freezer. Either freezer burn took it's told on it, or it simply didn't age especially well. I still finished it off, but wasn't super jazzed up to dig into it. Not sure there is anything they can do to improve that so the point may be moot.

2 years ago

Invested in Sunscoop

Great flavour / mission


Launch in the UK