Sparkling Botanicals

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Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi elevates sparkling tea with functional ingredients sourced directly from artisan growers.

Sparkling Botanicals Reviews

Sparkling Botanicals reviews


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9 reviews

All9dandelion ginger1

4 months ago

I tried one of these in a grapefruit flavor. It was okay, completely unsweetened but somewhat refreshing. For the price, I probably wouldn’t buy it again, and I can only get it at certain stores anyway.

5 months ago

I love these! My favorite flavor is Dandelion Ginger. They're a great NA option when you just want a tasty little bev. I'm always looking for drinks that are completely unsweetened and these hit that mark. I would say they're probably not for everyone, but they're interesting and a bit funky and I personally love that.

dandelion ginger

9 months ago

I tried the Dandelion Ginger. It was not what I was expecting. This is really tea, not a sugary little drink ( you know what I mean). I felt sophisticated sipping on this one. It also looks really beautiful in a college dorm fridge, your roommates will be asking you about it. If you like ginger but not too much, the flavor is mild enough to enjoy. I have not seen it in my local grocery store since I bought my first can, please come back 🥲

a year ago

Effervescent and delicious. They taste exactly like they should based off of the ingredients. No bitter taste like you sometimes get from cheap teas and all the flavors are pronounced but not artificial or overpowering.

2 years ago

Absolutely delicious, one of the best flavored sparkling waters I have ever had. Unique flavors have more than the usual 'hint' of flavor. I don't really notice any 'effect' from the adaptogens, I like the taste.


Too expensive! There is no reason these should be priced so much higher than competitors.

a year ago

I've only tried the Dandelion Ginger flavor and it tasted a bit like dirt but not necessarily in a bad way. I can't say I'd buy it again but if you like earthy flavors this might be the right functional beverage brand to try.

a year ago

Super cute packaging and the Black Lemon flavor is super refreshing. I've tried a lot of sparkling teas from other brands and they're usually pretty flavorless, but these have a bold flavor without being overpowering. Great go-to refreshment for when I'm looking for something a little more exciting than water

3 years ago

these. are. good. It seems like they took their time creating these and I love it. I love having a drink that has ingredients and flavor to it, but not caffeinated and this hits the spot

2 years ago

It's as if someone passionate about functional beverages took the time and dedication to truly make them taste AMAZING! After I hit a certain age my metabolism decided I wasn't going to process alcohol anymore. Kombucha is too tart and sugary. Plain or flavor enhanced sparkling waters can be harsh in their carbonation. Sparkling Botanicals by Reishi has found that sweet spot by walking the walk in understanding functional herbs and teas and then crafting them into the most mellow of mildly carbonated drinks. I know this because I've run a biodynamic herb and edible flower farm for a dozen years. I don't miss rose or mead because there is always a cold can of Shisandra Berry at the ready to make me feel amazing, but also make me feel like I'm not missing out at happy hour. Please make something with sea buckthorn and holy basil next!


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