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Soonish sells a light, natural, and gluten-free beer made from bananas, ancient grains, and honey.


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6 months ago

I am not a beer drinker and actually really liked this. It has a taste similar to a sour or even a kombucha which I personally really like. If you don't like bananas I would say this product is not for you, but in reality the banana flavor is subtle and interesting.

7 months ago

Received a free product from Soonish

I drank my first Soonish while I was learning to throw an axe. True story. Anyway, I love beer, but I can't handle banana flavored things. If you like the taste of fermented banana this is one for you. For me Soonish was a little too sweet and tasted of bananas. I do like the branding and love that it's lower sugar than regular beers though.


It's okay that this isn't for me, but make a version that's more hoppy and less bananaery and I'm there! 🍻

a year ago

I'm not a big beer drinker myself, but a friend gave me a couple of cans and I really liked it. It has a bit of a kombucha-y flavor to it, but is still approachable. The branding is really happy too– just like the can says, sip & smile :)


My friend who is much more of a beer drinker than I am tried a sip and could taste the banana flavor to it, but didn't mind it. I didn't really notice it!

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a year ago

Received a free product from Soonish

what an incredible brand. From the story of how the brand was created to the detail and aesthetics behind it, this is a great brand changing how we think of beer. Beer often isn't the first thing I would but would certainly make an exception for Soonish if I see it. Great taste with a slight hint of banana, goes down smooth and doesn't make me burp a lot.


We need Soonish everywhere and can't wait to keep trying it!

2 years ago

I had no expectation taking a sip of this bad boy but man, oh, man I didn't realize how much I missed beer until I tried Soonish. It's super flavorful but doesn't leave me feeling like a beach ball.

10 months ago

Here’s the thing. I’m not a beer girl, but love a cider or a sour on a warm summer day, so wasn’t sure what I was getting into here. VERY INTO IT. The smell is a little banana, but it has a finish like a sour that’s not going to make you feel like you just drank a loaf of bread. A super unique sip in fun packaging. Give her a try!


Lean into the “sour” profile! You may not be the beer for lager drinkers but your audience is out there!

a year ago

I love love LOVE beer, however, I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and now am unable to have any beer :( I purchased Soonish through an Instagram ad and let me say, it was a great purchase! First of all, the can design is fantastic but not only does it look good, but it also tastes good. I like the subtle sweetness the banana gives the beer. I will say it doesn't taste like a Budweiser, it's more like a sweet cousin. Soonish is its own thing and a very good one at that. It is one of my favorite replacements, even my boyfriend who can drink normal beer loves Soonish. Thank you Soonish!!!


Nothing. Don't change for anyone.

a year ago

Honestly such a refreshing light and flavorful beer ! I'd take this any day over a name brand light beer. Plus the packaging is so happy!

a year ago

I wouldn't focus too much on the bananas and honey steering the flavor profile but regardless this is such a tasty beer that has a light, bright, refreshing acidity and an easy to drink mouthfeel.

9 months ago

Absolutely love this beer!! It’s super refreshing and light. Love cracking one open after a long day. :)