D.S. & Durga

    Dianna C 3 Reviews

    8 months ago

    Friends with D.S. & Durga

    They make some of my favorite fragrances out there. I've been wearing I Don't Know What for two years now and it's become my (and my husband's) go-to scent. Because it's a fragrance enhancer, it develops differently on both of us. It's the best.


    Dianna C 3 Reviews

    8 months ago

    Friends with Ghia

    My favorite non-alcoholic aperitif in the game. I've been enjoying Ghia since they launched and it's become a staple in our house hold as the sun starts to set.


    Dianna C 3 Reviews

    2 years ago

    Friends with Soonish

    I'm not usually a beer person, but Soonish has become my go-to perfect sunset / happy hour drink when I'm not in the mood for something too strong, but want a little something more than a non-alcoholic option. It's almost like a refreshing kombucha — super light and bright. I prefer natural wines so I love that I have a natural beer option now, too.


    I want to be able to get it in more places! There's a lot of spots it's carried in LA but would love to see this in Miami and NYC.